Profile of Kegana: Quick Facts

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Basic Info
Full Name: Kegana Tsenkher
Subspecies: Eurasian/Tundra Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 3 (February 1, 2016)
Birthplace: Altai Tavan Bogd National Park
At A Glance
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Profile of Kegana: Details
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Icy · · Painted · · Elegant · · Snow · · Graceful

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Pale royalty, Kegana has four paws as white as the snow she was born to. From the top of her head to the tip of her tail a silveresk grey makes its way down her spine. Her pelt is a patchwork of silver, grey, and white, and a gaze of deep ocean blue, give her a ghost like appearance.

Never one to have a hair out of place, Kegana is very adamant about her appearance and keeping her fur clean. Her only blemish, a three-clawed scar across her left eye. This ghostly princess was built for combat. Her body slim and built for speed. Her strength hidden in her small size.

Her maw exemplifies a three clawed scar across her left eye, it in no way affects her eyesight.

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Beautiful · · Fair · · Feminine · · Pale · · Attractive

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Intelligent · · Reserved · · Calm · · Prideful · · Refined

Kegana prides herself on her ability to remain calm and reserved at all times, the epitome of elegance and refinement. She holds everyone to the same standards she holds herself too, which can lead to dissonance. She believes that everyone has a greatness within themselves, and they only need apply themselves. Kegana is a very practical person, a very no non-sense, which leads to her impatience and her rigorous personality. This can make it difficult for her to relate with younger wolves.

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That is not to say that Kegana is without flaw. In most cases she can be overly callous, and hard hearted. When emotions stir within in her she can be fierce in her conviction, unshakably so. Her youth lends to her prideful personality, Kegana has a challenging time asking for help.

Callous · · Fierce · · Impatient · · Practical · · Heartless

Traditional · · Princess · · Only Child · · Renowned · · Mongolia

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Her clan was traditional, strict, and conservative. Renowned throughout Mongolia for their unique connection to the humans. The founder of her pack was known as the Blue Wolf, the humans believed their clan to be descendants of the heavens. For generations her pack had been protected, their tradition territory turned into sacred land. This led to their strength, a strength that their own gods decided to test. Fifteen years prior to Kegana’s birth the humans approached the Blue Wolf Clan, stealing their yearlings.

Every two years there was a reaping. Wolves with two or three winters under them were taken by the humans who once revered them. These wolves were never seen again. Not all young wolves were taken, enough were left to continue the clan’s existence, but enough for devastation to spread like wildfire through pack morale. Kegana’s grandfather was the shaman who realized that the Blue Wolf Clan was being tested by the gods. The reaping’s became a journey or find one’s self, of finding your path in life. Kegana’s second winter with her family became her last. The gods had called upon her to leave her family and discover her own course.

The humans were quick in their work. A sharp prick was the only signal Kegana had that her time had arrived. She couldn’t say goodbye to her family, her mother and father, or her beloved grandfather. Darkness overtook her, and that was the last she remembered of her home on the gorgeous plains of Mongolia.

Kegana spent the last three months wandering on her own. Her brief run ins with other packs told her everything she needed to know; She was no longer in her sacred Mongolia. She was in a place called North America. A land far from her home. Kegana had spent most of her time looking for a way home, until finally her journey led her to her to Teekon Wilds. Where she join the Easthollow Pack.

After spending a few months with Valette and her pack, Kegana moved on. Venturing out into the strange world that was so different from her own. A year after leaving she has returned, guilty for abandoning her new friends, but hoping she might find new ones once again.

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[Image: hn6ckLN.gif] [Image: aAdRniQ.gif] [Image: FLJu71s.gif]

Within the Teekon Wilds:

Pack History
Eej : Chinua Tsenkher
Aav : Oktai Tsenkher
Baga Düü Nar : Sarnai, Qadan, Sukh, Tarkhan

Tünsh : None Yet
Khüükhdüüd : None Yet

Hover Text

Lone Wolf:

~ August 2018 – present

Blue Wolff Clan: ~ Gonji : This rank will always endure
         ~ Lambda: August 2018
         ~ Delta: June 18th - August 10
         ~ Eta: June 2nd - June 18th
         ~ Iota: May 11th - June 2
         ~ Lambda: May 5th - May 10th

~ May 2018 – August 2018

Lone Wolf:
~ Feburary 2018 - May 2018

Profile of Kegana: Additional Information
Kegana is fluent in both the common language, and the mongolian of her homeland.

Kegana is a limited-consent character. You can inflict mild damage without my consent. Please contact me and set down roll rules before inflicting serious injury/attempting a killing blow.

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