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Full Name: Cam
Subspecies: Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 0 (03/17/19)
Birthplace: Hushed Willows
At A Glance
"why can't you see?"

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"that cat's something i can't explain"

~ sooty fur, baby-blue eyes ~
~ more catlike than canine ~
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adult ref
sun in pisces · moon in leo · mbti · the fool · melancholic · chaotic neutral

~ creative ~
~ introspective ~
~ quiet ~
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~ short-fused ~
~ anti-social ~
~ selfish ~

as a child

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· born ·
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Pack History
siblingslana , ziggy

extended family (in-game)aliac, sunny, minnow, valiant, aeryn, moath
elysium — 03/17/19 - present
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Player Information: Miryam
Registered on May 05, 2018, last visited May 18, 2019, 02:27 PM
Time Zone Central Standard (CST)
Most Active Weekends, some weeknights

Elysium leadership · Therapist · Ambassador
Primary character · Daily posts · 10-15 active threads preferred

Prayers & poisons · Blackfeather loyalist
Primary character · Posts every other day · 10-15 active threads preferred

Serial wanderer · Grappling with his past
Secondary character · Posts every few days · 5-10 active threads preferred

Drageda -> Diaspora · Reluctant family man
Secondary character · Posts every few days · 5-10 active threads preferred

Melonii seductress · Rogue & wanderer
Tertiary character · Weekly posts · 5 (or less) active threads preferred

Poet and he knows it · Wandering heart
Tertiary character · Weekly posts · 5 (or less) active threads preferred

Lil' potato · Growing too fast & too slow simultaneously
Pup character · Posts whenever I feel like it

OOC =/= IC
Just because my character doesn't like your character doesn't mean I don't like you. Easy as that. None of my actions in-character reflect my feelings outside of character. If you are ever feeling uncomfortable with a plot or dynamic, please PM me and we can try and resolve it.

Please skip me after three days of no reply in important group threads. Give me a shout via PM if I'm holding up one of our one-on-one threads. I will archive any thread that has not received a reply in a month or if the other player has gone inactive. Feel free to revive if you want to finish--just pop that sucker into Maintenance and we'll keep going.

I am trying to cut back on OOC plotting and only do it loosely, now. Long-term ideas are always subject to change. That being said, if you have an idea for a short-term plot or wrench, feel free to PM me. I love surprises in my inbox (the good kind, anyway).

I post infrequently on the Adoptables forum, so with that said, all my characters' relatives are up for grabs, if they haven't been created already. If you see a cool name or picture, just shoot me a PM and I can help you get set up. I love seeing my fambly in-game.