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Neverwinter Forest

Basic Info
Full Name: Cam
Subspecies: Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 0.75 (03/17/19)
Birthplace: Hushed Willows
At A Glance
"why can't you see?"

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"that cat's something i can't explain"

~ sooty fur, emerald green eyes ~
~ more catlike than canine ~
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adult ref
sun in pisces · moon in leo · mbti · the fool · melancholic · chaotic neutral

~ creative ~
~ introspective ~
~ quiet ~
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~ short-fused ~
~ anti-social ~
~ selfish ~

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Pack History
siblingslana , ziggy

extended family (in-game)aliac, sunny, minnow, valiant, aeryn, moath
elysium — 03/17/19 - 07/03/19

neverwinter forest — 07/05/19 - 08/19/19

lone wolf — 08/19/19 - 11/08/19

neverwinter forest — 11/08/19 - present
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Player Information: Miryam
Registered on May 05, 2018, last visited Yesterday, 06:01 PM
TIME ZONE | Eastern (EST)          MOST ACTIVE | Weekends, some weeknights

Communications/media professional and student finishing up a Bachelor's degree. Besides roleplaying, I enjoy cats, music, Bollywood, and traveling.

MAEGI | Leader of Blackfeather Woods, fervent devotee of her religion & family

CAM | Wayward kid exploring the world for all it is, good and bad

THREADS | I archive threads in which the other player has not responded in a month or if they have gone inactive. Group threads generally, but not always, also follow this rule. If you'd like to continue after I archive, feel free to post in Maintenance to revive the thread & tag me with your next reply.

IC/OOC | My characters can be awful to your characters. Sorry about that. It doesn't at all mean that I feel the same about you. If you have any concerns about IC/OOC lines being crossed, please PM me and we can try to resolve matters there.

PLOTTING | I'm too busy to be invested in long-term & rigid plots. I tend to do things spontaneously and react to events as they occur. However, I am quite fond of random wrenches & twists — if you have something in mind, loop me in!

CONTACT | I am not in WOLF Discord. Please use on-site private messaging for all inquiries.


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