Profile of Siarut: Quick Facts

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Basic Info
Full Name: Siarut Iyaroak Ateneq
Subspecies: Arctic Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 5 (January 5, 2014)
Birthplace: Northern Canada
At A Glance
[Image: umIEvAz.gif]
At first glance Siarut is hard to ignore, his pale white fur and green eyes give him a fearsome look. At the moment his chest harbours a deep wound inflected by his former romance, hiw jaws digging deep into his flesh and tearing as she was ripped from his form. In addition his left shoulder harbors a pink scar in the shape of a canines jaw bite inflicted by his father.
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Profile of Siarut: Details
A large intimidating creature, Siarut's intentions can often be lost in his appearance. A ghostly looking creature with pale white fur, and vibrant olive green orbs.

[Image: AQgmQQF.jpg]

His shoulder now harbors a bright pink scar, from an ugly spar. Taking on a jaw like shape, from the ragged bite of another canine.

[Image: tulQSNc.gif]

The trauma’s of his life have taken their pound of flesh off the man. His mind a torment of flashback’s and recurring memories of all his perceived failures. A man standing on the precipice of PTSD, he is prone of moments of hysteria, and extreme bouts of anger.


Over Confident
[Image: RhRWpj5.jpg]
        Siarut was born on the 5th of January, the oldest of three siblings born to the alpha pair of the Aningan Tundra Pack. Their father Sirmiq was very strict, and was obsessed on creating the perfect warriors to defend their home, no matter the cost. Siarut's mother Tejal was deeply devoted to her mate, and although she might not have agreed with some of his antics she never voiced her concern.
        Siarut loved his father, and worshiped the ground he walked on. The pale boy did everything he could to gain his father's respect and prove that he could lead their family in the future. Over the years he devoted himself wholeheartedly to the pack and his family, but to no avail. His father always wanted more, and more.
        When his sister Shiv left, Siarut was confused. He had never thought that to be an option for them. She was brave enough to take the step and leave their obsessive overbearing father. Since her departure Siarut's determination to prove himself dropped rapidly. He could no longer push himself with nothing in return.
        It wasn't until his brother was banished for mating that Siarut came to a decision. After pleading with their father to allow his younger brother, Tomkin, to return and getting nothing but a violent confrontation as an answer did Siarut realize it was time.
Time to leave.
So he left.
        With his younger siblings Tahani and Tomkin, the three of them left to find their beloved sister, and perhaps reunite, and set new family roots in the Teekon Wilds.

~ Entered the Teekon Wilds with his siblings Tahani and Tomkin {May 4, 2018}
~ Found his younger sister Shivali in the Teekon Wilds {May 6, 2018}
~ Joined Shivali at Blackfeather Woods {May 9, 2018}
~ Younger brother Tomkin goes missing
~ Met Ceara (Fire) Blackthorn in the Wild Berry Meadow {May 13, 3018}
~ Younger sister Takiyok joins him at Blackfeather Woods {May 28, 2018}
~ Found out Shivali was with child {June 7, 2018}
~ Nephews: Aningan & Sos; Niece: Tunerk are born {June 10, 2018}
~ He and Shivali decide speak of leaving Blackfeather Woods and starting a pack for their family {June 24, 2018}
~ He tells Fire about moving, and they break off any romantic involvment {June 25, 2018}
~ Takiyok returns with news of Tomkin's return and Duskfire Glacier {July 5, 2018}
~ The Ateneq family leave Blackfeather Woods in search of their new home {July 8, 2018}
~ Morningside wolves run travelling group out of Phoenix Maplewood, leaving MS in a bad position with new neighbors IkKanattuk {July 16, 2018}
~ The Ateneq family arrives in their new home Duskfire Glacier {July 25, 2018}
~ IkKanattuk is official claimed by Siarut and Takiyok, and their wolves {August 12, 2018}
~ Aditya of the Morningside wolves comes toe IkKanattuk seeking help {August 29, 2018}
~ Sia and Fire have a confrontation leading to Sia gaining a serious chest injury {September 7, 2018}
~ Sia find the presumed burial location of Nanook {October 9, 2018}
~ Sia becomes extremely sick, and disappears during the night {November 7, 2018}

[Image: 4lzaI3G.png]

[Image: weiiI8S.png]

Pack History
Parents: Tejal & Sirmiq
                ~ Littermates: Shivali, Tahani
                ~ Yakone Litter: Takiyok , Tomkin , Shila* , Sadiq*
                ~ 2018 Litter: Siqiniq* , Makoktok , Kumaglak* , Yura

Nieces and Nephews:
                ~From Shivali:
                        - {x Kove}: Aningan , Sos , Tunerk (2018)
                ~From Tahani:
                        - {Ocracoke x Ithrik}: Currituk Tiguak - ADOPTED (2018)
                ~From Takiyok:
                        - {x Stigmata}: Sivullik , Tuvak , Simmik , Atanik (2019)

Best Friends: Takiyok Yakone Ateneq
Lover: Nanook 'Polaris' Apaata
Mate: None

Children: None

~ Ateneq Family Tree ~

*For adoption

LONE WOLF ~ Nov 8, 2019 - present

IKKANATTUK ~ July 12, 2018 - Nov 7th, 2018
                 ~ Atausiq: July 12th, 2018 - Nov 7th, 2018
BLACKFEATHER WOODS ~ May 9, 2018 - July 9, 2018
LONE WOLF ~ January 20, 2018 - May 9, 2018
ANINGAN TUNDRA ~ January 5, 2014 - January 19, 2018

Profile of Siarut: Additional Information
Siarut mostly speaks Inuttuk, his english is fine however he has a thick accent.

Siarut is a limited-consent character. You can inflict mild damage without my consent. Please contact me and set down roll rules before inflicting serious injury/attempting a killing blow.

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