Profile of Vilkas: Quick Facts

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Basic Info
Full Name: Vilkas Whitemane
Subspecies: Mixed
Sex: Male
Age: 1 year (December 12, 2016)
Birthplace: Jorrvaskr
At A Glance
a flame plucked from the fires of muspelheim, dusted with soot of an ironside's forge.[Image: tumblr_orfu2sd6ZP1vacgmuo4_400.gif]
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Profile of Vilkas: Details
a tall, mesomorph garbed in a pelage of rust and copper fires. a face dusted with soot and eyes the seaweed green of the great dragon paarthurnaax's scales. due to fight with minori vilkas notably has several thin, jagged lacerations across the bridge of his muzzle and a scabbed wound on his shoulder.
Health - 100%

[Image: tumblr_p84nqrArxe1s5459ro6_400.gif] [Image: tumblr_p84nqrArxe1s5459ro3_400.gif]
→ well-spoken
→ intelligent
→ hot-tempered
→ mercurial
→ instinct-driven default
→ territorial
→ food aggressive
→ judgemental
→ resentful
→ combatant
→ has a reputation of being an excellent teacher to cubs but is notably a hard ass

More to be organically developed via ic gameplay

[Image: tumblr_static_tumblr_static_filename_640.gif]
Vilkas is loosely based on the Skyrim character with the same name & his behavior is inspired by the Raptor Squad™ from Jurassic World.
Pack History
PARENTS Gunnolf x Sigrid
SIBLINGS Kodlak , Njada
Bracken Sanctuary
↳ Officer

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Cub, Kendov
Kriaan, Konahrik
Profile of Vilkas: Additional Information

Small, and/or non-life threatening injuries may be and are encouraged to be power-played. Anything serious/life-threatening must have my permission and have been established with me in detail beforehand. If there is any minor power-play you may be unsure of and/or if you have any questions regarding my policies please contact me via a pm or on discord.

There will be threads where Vilkas will be written less verbal than others (particularly during hunt/spar/eating threads, etc); he's meant to be less humanized + more 'feral' and 'realistic' given his {food} aggressive/territorial/possessive nature. I always prefer IC over OOC and all IC consequences are both accepted and encouraged by me during these threads so long as consequences conform to my non-consent rules. If you wish to discuss the potential consequences beforehand you are more than welcome to contact me via a PM or on Discord.

Vilkas has a 3-3-3 rating. Please keep this in mind while threading with him.
Swearing & mature language is permitted.
Sexual content may be described in detail.
Graphic violence is permitted.
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