Profile of Keen: Quick Facts

Basic Info
Full Name: Keen
Subspecies: Northern Rocky Mountains Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 0 (05/21/18)
Birthplace: Stone Circle, Teekon Wilds
At A Glance
Sharp, inquisitive electric blue eyes.

Tall and slim, with feminine features.
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Profile of Keen: Details

A delicately built wolf, standing slightly taller than average with a svelte figure best described as willowy. Appears perpetually underfed. Silken coat composed of chocolate tones, with lighter browns accenting her face, neck, and underside, and darker russet cascading down her back. Slim, elegant features framed by particularly-fluffy dark-tipped ears. Bright, inquisitive electric blue eyes and typically an anxious expression.
[Image: OpulentScientificEft-size_restricted.gif]

sharp of wit and perpetually curious. keen is fascinated by the world around her, constantly seeking to learn and experience new things, though she suffers several setbacks. the first is an intense phobia of social situations, particularly with strangers, though she rarely feels at ease with any but her siblings and mother. she spends much of her time alone for this reason.
the second is a strange obsession with food and other living creatures, a conflicting and ever-shifting perception of the relationship between wolves and their prey. she struggles with feeding herself properly, and finds solace and self-loathing in equal amounts in the act of hunting.
the last is her struggle with relationships with masculine individuals and father figures — due to the absence of her father, stark, during much of her childhood, keen has a difficult time becoming close with any wolf who displays more masculine tendencies. her relationship with her siblings is largely unaffected by this, however.
Pack History
valette x stark

merrit , arlette

valette x ezekiel
steph , ezra , clary

related to the apaata family through valette.
birth — present
Profile of Keen: Additional Information
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