Profile of Steele: Quick Facts


Basic Info
Full Name: Midnight Steele "Steele"
Subspecies: Mackenzie Valley Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 4 (4/15/14)
Birthplace: Outside of Game World
At A Glance
His color could be noticed a mile away. His eyes seem to have a glow about them.
[Image: download.jpg]

Face claim: Vin Diesel[Image: vin.jpg] (From the movie-The Pacifier)
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Profile of Steele: Details
Steele is muscular and sturdy. His fur is silver on his chest, under belly and legs. Black runs along his back and on his ears. He's about average for a wolf and weighs in at 112 pounds and still building muscle. His eyes are an enchanting Amber color.
-Recently healed wound left scar from his nose to his ear from an Elk hoof.
Steele is a male through and through. Steele is adventurous, independent, and sneaky. Though he knows that one day if he finds the right family he could be the wolf he has always known he could be. Until that day he continues to greet people as though they are enemies, male or female. No one has gotten through to him and he is in the mindset he'll always be a lone wolf. If he feels he has intruded or been on a territory he will be respectful.

[Image: soft_ice_cream.png]

Steele is like a soft serve ice cream, it's held up by a hard outside but once someone starts to talk to him he spills out like someone grabbing the handle of a soft serve and putting it in their cone. He melts quickly, showing his feelings almost immediately toward you. He is somewhat like a female given that he's had a hard life so far.

[Image: brave.jpg]
Steele was the only of his litter to survive another pack ruining what once was when he was 1 and at that point he could live on his own. He had left his homeland and came upon hardship when his only friend who was traveling with him had passed from old age. Steele is wise because of his older comrade, but he continued on and found Teekon Wilds. He was roaming beside the sea above the cliffs when he met the Alpha of Grimnismal. He proved he was worth something for the pack and was at the Grotto. A bear attacked Ankyra sound. He fled Ankyra Sound as he had no one to help.
Pack History


Fang-Elder who accompanied him around-Deceased

-Nuclear Family-
Crush: None ( all up in his feelings 100% of the time so only putting his serious crushes.)
Mate: None
Offspring: None
Lone Wolf
Grimnismal-5/25/18 to 5/31/18 (Theta)
Lone Wolf-5/31/18-6/3/18
Bracken Sanctuary-6/3/18-7/12/18 (Cipher)
Lone Wolf- 7/13/18- 8/25/18
Ikkanattuk-8/25/18-Present| Attat^Itchaksrat^ Tallimat
Profile of Steele: Additional Information
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