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Basic Info
Full Name: Dacio Drakru
Subspecies: ½ Grey × ¼ Arctic × ⅛ Timber × ⅛ Buffalo
Sex: Male
Age: 1 year (June 7th, 2018)
Birthplace: Drageda, Dragoncrest Cliffs, Teekon Wilds
At A Glance
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Profile of Dacio: Details
Having reached his adult height, Dacio stands nearly as tall as his father. He could be described as a rangy yearling: tall, long-legged and cleanly built, though with holds promise of filling out with age. His pelt is primarily a wispy silver, fading elegantly to a lighter shade at his throat and underbelly. His points (muzzle, lower limbs, tail and ears) are a deep blue-tinted charcoal and this same hue heavily peppers the tougher fur of his nape and shoulders. Additionally, a smudge of brilliant white marks the top of his snout and speckles irregularly between his pastel grey-green eyes. His tail was also tipped in alabaster, but this appears to have faded with age.

Once a soft and delicate cub, Dacio was hardened considerably at the age of six months by war on Drageda's claim and the untimely death of his mother. He bears a healed wound on the left side of his neck, and faint teeth marks litter the right half of his face. More recently, he has healing bite wounds to his chest and right hip.

[Image: Dacio_crop.png]

Pack History
Born to Dio and Portia alongside sisters Sequoia* and Opalia. He has two older siblings, Dalia* and Sirio*. Additionally, he considers Tux and Silkie to be his cousins.

* denotes estranged/disowned.
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DRAGEDA (Jun 18 - Apr 19)
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