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RIP Doggo
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Basic Info
Full Name: Finnigan
Subspecies: Border Collie
Sex: Male
Age: 1 (5/1/17)
Birthplace: Human's Home
At A Glance
Precious Doggo.
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Profile of RIP Doggo: Details
Adorable doggo. Black-and-white Border Collie. All smiles.
Joyful; happy-go-lucky; submissive; naïve
Was born in Human's Home. Heard about mythical creatures called Wolves from which all dogs are apparently descended. Did not believe the rumors. Was overcome with curiosity and stupidly ran away to find Wolves. Found out that living in the Wild is hard, but could not find his way back to his Human. Was sad. Now wanders aimlessly, slowly starving, eating berries and grass in an attempt to fend off hunger.
Pack History
Mama (NPC)
Father (NPC)
Human (Obvs NPC)
Human's Friend (Birth - 4/1/18)
Lone Doggo (4/1/18 - Present)
Profile of RIP Doggo: Additional Information
Fynn is a dog without a lick of wolf blood in him, so Hard-Core Mode is activated for him. Powerplay is okay, but no serious maiming (gouging out an eye, breaking a bone, etc.) or killing without asking permission.
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