Profile of Altair Tsitak: Quick Facts
Altair Tsitak
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Basic Info
Full Name: Altair Kouris Tsitak
Subspecies: Grey Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 2 Years (17/05/2016)
Birthplace: Tsitak Forest, Unknown
At A Glance
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Profile of Altair Tsitak: Details
A cream base coated in many shades. A light gold colour hides most of the cream, with darker brown running down his back and along his sides in the form of subtle stripes (brindle). The top of his muzzle is a steel grey, with the majority of his head and neck masked in white. There is another patch of white on his back in the shape of an arrow. He is muscular yet slim, with thick fur and pale yellow eyes to match his golden tones. Altair is a handsome wolf, and he knows it.

[Image: 5fidFMa.png]
Altair is a curious character. Once upon a time, he was, well... an asshole. Proud, obsessed with beauty just like the rest of his family, and a coward. After the terrible events of his history, and the pleasure of meeting Kalyca, he has changed ever so slightly. He is still arrogant, proud of his culture and his descendants, but he is no longer such a coward. He has come to realize that beauty is not everything, as Kalyca showed him a new side to the world that he could not have imagined existed. On their trek from their homeland, Altair toughened and learned that they would have to be harsh if they were to survive the next day, though his mate brings out a gentle, teasing side that does not often see the light otherwise.
Pack History
In-game Tsitak's
Mate: Kalyca Akilina Tsitak

Out of game Tsitak's
*will insert link to family tree here*

Tstitak Forest - Pup, Gamma, Beta
Lone Wolf
Profile of Altair Tsitak: Additional Information
Altair: Star
Kouris: lived in forest
Tsitak: Means "god"
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