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Basic Info
Full Name: Evening
Subspecies: Grey Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 1 (March 1, 2017)
Birthplace: Elsewhere
At A Glance
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Profile of Evening: Details
鈥 Albino; white fur with pink skin showing through in places; pink eyes and nose
鈥 Small and fragile; underweight
鈥 Has vision problems; nearsighted (cannot see clearly unless object is close to eyes), sensitive to light
鈥 Skin is very sensitive to sunlight; will sunburn easily
Chaotic Neutral
鈥 Evening's albinism has greatly affected her life:
鈥 She only goes out at dusk and finds a shady, hidden spot to rest by dawn; only imminent danger or something very exciting will cause her to risk going out in the daytime because she so easily sunburns and because her vision is greatly reduced in direct sunlight
鈥 She has survived mainly off of rabbits and other small mammals for most of her life, so she has no experience hunting in a group; she will steal food if she thinks she can get away with it
鈥 The experiences she had while growing up in her natal pack have caused a resentment against packs in general; she is not likely to allow herself to be recruited unless she is very close to death, or if it is close to winter time, when she knows that food will be very hard to come by
鈥 She is not immediately trusting of others, partly because she is not great at fending for herself in a fight, but if you prove you have no ill intent, she will speak with you
鈥 Was born into a traditional familial pack; her father almost killed her upon seeing her condition, but her mother prevented it
鈥 Was named Flower by her mother and doted upon by her, but her father did everything he could to teach her to be strong despite her condition; this was difficult because being out during the day was painful and it was hard for her to see without constantly squinting; she missed out on pack hunts and most other group activities
鈥 Her siblings treated her either like a freak, or like someone who would break easily, so she never got on with them because their attitude toward her made her resent them; she also grew to hate her father in time because she did not understand that he was only trying to help her survive in a world that would kill her easily
鈥 When she turned a year old, she ran away in the dead of night and changed her name to Evening, wanting to forget her past and prove to herself that she was strong enough to live on her own
Pack History
Lone Wolf: 5/21/18 - Present
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