Profile of Zigzag: Quick Facts

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Basic Info
Full Name: Zigzag Forrester
Subspecies: Grey Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 3 years (05/20/2015)
Birthplace: Washington state
At A Glance
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Height: 3ft
Length: 4ft
Weight: 150lbs
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Profile of Zigzag: Details
Zigzag is a mixture of dark brown, tan, and black. His underside is a light tan and his legs are mostly dark brown. On his forehead and down his back, he has dark brown with a heavy peppering of black.

Zigzag's eyes are a striking ocean blue.

Zigzag, or Zig as he's known by most, is easy-going and laid back. He's always up for having fun, even if it might get him into trouble. His carefree spirit wins out against any reservations he might have about breaking the rules.

He's not known for being serious, but he can be on very rare occasions. He thinks being serious is a drag but knows certain things call for it.

Zig uses his good looks and natural laid back nature to his advantage. He learned at an early age that he could charm others into telling him things he wanted to know.

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Alignment: Chaotic Good
At about a year of age, Zig decided to leave his childhood pack and do some traveling before settling down. For at least a year, Zig traveled wherever life took him. He traveled all along the Canadian coast having flings with pretty she-wolves and getting into trouble with any willing wolves he met along the way; sewing his wild oats one might say.

But, even a fun-loving wolf like Zig eventually felt the need for a pack; a purpose in life.
Pack History
All pre-Teekon.
LONE WOLF - 11/2016 to 5/2018

IRONSEA - 5/2018 to present
Profile of Zigzag: Additional Information
Lookout: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
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