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Basic Info
Full Name: Khali
Subspecies: Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 2 (3/7/16)
Birthplace: Gardiner, Montana
At A Glance
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Profile of Khali: Details
his face is a golden hue with some black, cream , dark brown and white speckled down his back. Khali is muscular due to his history. His pelt is pretty dense and fluffy.
Khali has been apart of a pack for so long they have brought out the good in him. Since being there he has felt that he needs to deal with his past and is doing that slowly. He feels as though he should be kind to everyone since in his past he wasn’t and most weren’t to him. Hes turning out to be a hopeless romantic. Khali is brave and strong even though he has that soft side, if someone messes with BRS he would be sure to be upset about it. He hopes to stay there for a long time and build relationships with everyone. He still has nightmares which haunt him and make him depressed some days.
Living under the harsh rule of muuguzi, Khali is filled with hate and resentment towards those born into loving environments. The beatings made him strong-willed and determined to do things in a way that are precise and strategic. Though there may be a part of good still buried beneath the surface, it has yet to be discovered.
Khali is unlike his sister in many ways. Though they were abandoned by the same she-wolf, he, however, was swooped up by a she-wolf who he knew only by "muuguzi" Which means nurse in Swahili. She trained him as a fighter and injured him severely if he didn't obey her orders. Eventually, the striving pup grew into a cold-hearted fighter who only lived to serve muuguzi. Though he was young he still has the memory of his sister but only of the warmth of her body and the scent of her fur.
Pack History

Nuclear Family
Mate: Lily
Offspring:Lana♀, Cam♂
Lone Wolf
Bracken Sanctuary-6/4/18-December 2018-Cipher↑Seraphim↑Sage
Elysium-December 2018-Present- Sage ^ Seer
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Lily can PP Khali at anytime.
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