Profile of Takiyok: Quick Facts
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Played By: Hela
Basic Info
Full Name: Takiyok Yakone Ateneq
Subspecies: Arctic Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 4 (3/16/2016)
Birthplace: Northern Canada
At a Glance
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Weight: 140lbs
Profile of Takiyok: Details
Takiyok's coat is thick and made up of mostly white with some occasional cream spots blended in. She is tall, lean, and muscular. Her eyes are a unique shade of orange that is striking against her snowy white coat.
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—Guarded with strangers


—Has a potty-mouth

—Loyal to those she loves

—Will hold a grudge if wronged

—Somewhat martial



Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Personality Type: ISTJ
Takiyok's father was very strict on her and her other siblings. His way was the only way. For a long time, Tak worshiped her father. She had an undying need for his approval and did anything he asked of her; no questions asked.

When Tak's litter-mate, Tomkin, mated with an outside wolf, their father became angry. Mating was against the rules, and their father did not tolerate rule-breaking, especially from his children. Tomkin was banished from the pack. Tak was always close with Tomkin and took the banishment very hard. She was torn between her loyalty to her brother and her desperate need to follow their father's every order. She knew breaking the rules was forbidden and was angry with her brother for doing so. She was also surprised that her father could just cast his own son aside. They all accepted that he was strict, but she always thought he would love them no matter what.

Tak was being eaten alive by her internal battle between her loyalty to her dad and her loyalty to her siblings. Her brother Siarut had tried to reason with their father and was met with brutality. Siarut, Tomkin, and her sister Tahani made the decision to leave the pack. Tak was was surprised and hurt. She tried to reason with them to get them to stay, but they would not rethink their decision. They told her they were going to find their sister, Shivali, and asked her to come along. Tak could not leave father, though, even as conflicted as she was.
After the departure of her siblings, Tak was distraught but kept it hidden from her father. She knew he had his reasons, but was beginning to question his rules and decision to banish her litter-mate. His ability to just cast aside his own child continued to confuse her and challenge her loyalty to her father.

When she could no longer hide from the battle raging inside her, she decided to confront her father about Tomkin's banishment. She had always followed her father's rules without dispute or judgement, trusting he knew best and had their best interest at heart. She thought for sure he would hear her out. She was good soldier. His soldier. With this thought, she finally confronted her father, only to be met with cruelty. He had gotten rough with her and told her to learn her place. He told her she had no right to question him and to leave if she didn't agree with the way he was running things. It was clear he didn't care whether she stayed or went; like he had no real love for her.

Heartbroken and feeling like an idiot, she set out to find her siblings. She now knew that her idolization of their father had blinded her to his true nature.

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By Xynien
Parents: Tejal and Sirmiq
Litter-mates: Tomkin, Shila, Sadiq
Older siblings: Siarut, Tahani, Shivali

Boyfriend: Taikon

x Stigmata Sandraudiga— 4/3/2019
Sivullik "Stag" , Tuvak "Mesa" , Simmik "Monarch" , Atanik "Ego"

via Simmik x Kynareth DeagonAlduin , Tulok , Atka

Nieces and Nephews: Sos , Tunerk , Aningan , Currituk , Kallik Ateneq , Taktuq Ateneq , Ikiaq Ateneq , Sealmuit Ateneq

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Pack History
ANINGAN TUNDRA— 3/16/2016 to 3/12/2018

LONE WOLF— 3/12/2018 to 5/28/2018

BLACKFEATHER WOODS— 5/28/2018 to 7/9/2018

IKKANATTUK— (Atausiq) 7/12/2018 to 12/15/2018

LONE WOLF— 12/15/2018 to 12/27/2018

DIASPORA— 12/27/2018 to present
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