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Full Name: Saarthal Cassia Frostfur-diAngeli
Subspecies: A mix between Northern Rocky Mountain, Great Plains, Arabic, Arctic, Alexander Archipelago
Sex: Female
Age: 2 (3 March. 2017)
Birthplace: Noctem Vagus
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saarthal is, above all, (at least in terms of appearance), her father's daughter. draped in a thick, feathery cloak of greys, slates and platinums, with smatterings of ink peppering the curve of her spine; it fades into soft ivory on her undersides. the light dusting of silver white on her shoulders and her neck, and her eyes of fiery copper are courtesy to her paternal grandmother's lineage. saarthal leans to the smaller side of average - she's small and leanly muscled

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scent · musky, warm ash, petrichor

saarthal is loud, over-enthusiastic and flirtatious. she's the friendliest of the siblings, wears her heart on her sleeve and is rather terrible at concealing her emotions. she's a huge advocate for kindness, is deeply compassionate and tries her best to be a good person, but she can be selfish, fickle, irresponsible and flighty. saarthal has a penchant for sarcasm and can occasionally come across as cynical and sardonic as she has rather grim views on the workings of the world. other than that, she is insecure and doesn't believe anyone would fall for her romantically, therefore she tends to withdraw when things get serious for fear of getting hurt.

Current Human Model: Booksmart's Amy

        to be developed ic'ly.

Initially the product of a fling between the Emperor's son, Trajan and one of the legionnaires Kiall.

Trajan left the pack to explore once more, not knowing of the existence of his children (given that it had, technically, been a 'one night stand'). And though Kiall tried her best to hide it and get rid of it (it being the kids), the Emperor, Shadow, eventually found out...that he was a grandfather. That didn't go down well because Trajan was nowhere to be found and he did not bring up his son to be a shitty absent dad. Anyway, Shadow thought to send scouts out to fetch his son, but his son came back (again...) and found out (and probably had a mini breakdown because he is not ready to be a goddamn dad and does he even want kids???). Still, diligently, he looked after Kiall and though initially, there were mutual feelings of subtle disgust and hatred, the two eventually grew out of it and fell, somewhat, in love.

And so, Saarthal was born, third born in the litter. As the only girl, she was doted on by both her father and her mother, and named after her aunt (whom her father hadn't seen for years). She had a pretty normal childhood as childhoods in 'Rome' go - military training, medic training, diplomatic training, leadership training, the usual. A bit of a rocky relationship with her brothers (Aeneas, especially), and the pack in general, but they got along well enough. Eventually, having been forced to choose something to study, Saarthal settled with learning the art of medicine, something she eventually found herself to have an affinity for.

Aeneas, her oldest brother, had a girlfriend with the most striking of eyes - lightning blue with specks of chocolate, and fur the colour of the sun and the moon. Saarthal trained with her, practically worshipped her and eventually, she felt, fell in love with her. it was wrong in all sorts of ways - wrong because Saarthal could not love girls, her mother would never live knowing her only daughter (for now) liked girls, or she assumed (even if the romans were totally fine with it, honestly). Wrong because she, Reyna, was her brother's girlfriend and wrong because it's just wrong, wrong, wrong. But Reyna reciprocated her feelings, even though it was never spoken out loud - they sneaked away after training and Reyna would plant kisses in the curve of her neck and tease her like there was no tomorrow. They never went further than that. Reyna and Aeneas did, however. Saarthal knew Reyna was playing with her, but she could never leave, and whenever the lightning eyed girl came back, Saarth would fall into her trap like the very first time, with trusting eyes and an even more trusting body.

Eventually, it all got too much. Every. Single. Thing. She bid her parents a sudden goodbye, as well as her brothers, and stole away before the 'official ceremony of leaving'. Because she could not bear to leave the wolves she'd grown up with together, or brought her up. But especially because she could not bear the see Reyna. Reyna, Reyna, Reyna.

Little did she know she'd eventually wandered to the land her granddad and her dad so often talked about...

Pack History

Alive || Dead || Unknown

Saarthal was born to Trajan Frostfur-diAngeli and Kiall in Noctem Vagus. She is the youngest in the litter of three, and the only girl. Her littermates include Aeneas and Hadrian Jr. . Other important wolves in her life include her ex-sort-of-girlfriend Reyna .

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Saarthal is related to numerous wolves through her Angelus Mortis/diAngeli and Frostfur heritage. Not all are listed.
*Aeneas and Reyna are up for adoption! PM if interested!
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