Profile of Eilonwy: Quick Facts

Art pieces by: Lauren! , Meebee! and Kara!
Lone Wolves

Basic Info
Full Name: Eilonwy Fearghal
Subspecies: Yukon Wolf mix
Sex: Female
Age: 0 (June 17, 2018)
Birthplace: Swiftcurrent Creek
At A Glance
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Profile of Eilonwy: Details

Art by Magdalyn!

A dainty girl of delicate features. Eilonwy's fur is charcoal black with an ash-grey spine extending from her shoulder blades down to the base of her tail and a similarly colored raccoon-like mask around her eyes stretching to her cheeks. Eilonwy's eyes are a bright and fiery carrot shade gleaming with misleading confidence.

Voice and Human Reference
Brit Marling as The OA

Pack History

Alive | Dead | Unknown

Kojiro ♂ & Chusi Fearghal

Kubo Fearghal

EXTENDED (in game):
Arturo Fearghal ♂ & Lotte Ansbjørn ♀ — Maternal Grandparents
Roarke —, CeallachMaternal Uncles ♂
Mallaidh, EirlysMaternal Aunts ♀

- Only acknowledged/known relationships listed -
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Profile of Eilonwy: Additional Information
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