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Full Name: Guillotina
Subspecies: Alaskan wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 1 (20/5/17)
Birthplace: Alaska
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[Image: 7a582a720e8463e19342ddd2d5235962.jpg]
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She just looks like a normal wolf. Nothing fancy about her. She is white with grey streaks in her fur. She has mike and ike orange eyes.
Guillotina is all about having a good time. She is a fuse that burns at both ends though. Whether or not she likes you depends on the day and her mood. She knows she is very pretty and acts accordingly. Guillotina doesn't like change or wolves that have attitude problems. She can be feisty and has a smart mouth. Guillotina would make a fun drunk and likes to be the life of the party.
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