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Volos II
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Basic Info
Full Name: Volos Nero II
Subspecies: C. l. irremotus
Sex: Male
Age: 2 (May 2016)
Birthplace: Sedge Bay, Yellowstone
At A Glance
Large, but submissive in posture and attitude.
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Profile of Volos II: Details
The color of vanilla cream with a dusting of caramel guard-hairs that are tipped with cinnamon, giving a flecked appearance across the shoulders, spine, and tail. His limbs look like they're lightly toasted with a dull wheat-gold.
He was born in Sedge Bay when times were fruitful, and he grew up without much strife. As he came of age he did what came naturally and dispersed to the south, only to find it much more difficult to survive where there was no framework of support; living alone was difficult for him. After a recent failure to earn himself breeding rights, he has been driven off by a rival and sent in to the Wilds.
Pack History
Sedge Bay (May 2016—January 2017)
Table Mountain (March 2017—May 2017)
Stormpoint Ridge (July 2017—September2017)
Fox Creek (December 2017—February 2018)
Cathedral Pines (April 2018—May 2018)
Lone Wolf (Current)
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