Profile of Grezig: Quick Facts

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Basic Info
Full Name: Grezig
Subspecies: Grey Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 3 (June 1, 2016)
Birthplace: Montana, USA
At A Glance
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Profile of Grezig: Details
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β€” Mix of grays and browns; (some russet during summer months, especially on the ears).
β€” Cream undersides.
β€” Brown eyes.
β€” Coat is lighter in summer and darker in winter.
β€” Mesomorph: compact & muscular body type.
β€” Somber-faced.
β€” ESTJ-A: The Executive
β€” Personality Inspiration - Kratos
β€” Instinctive.
β€” Actions speak louder than words.
β€” Body language-heavy.
β€” Quiet.
β€” Protective & territorial.
β€” More dominant, less submissive.
β€” Methodical.
β€” Logical.
β€” Traditionalist.
β€” Can be prejudice.
β€” Tired.
β€” Guilty.
β€” Attempting to reinvent self.
β€” Born to a typical wolf pack, a mated pair and their offspring.
β€” Left home shortly before turning two years as a dispersal wolf.
β€” Arrived in Teekon Wilds.

β€” Attempted to join Bearclaw Valley; failed.
β€” Met Ephraim, Illidan's brother.
β€” Was invited to join a pack in the making, Northstar Vale.
β€” Discussed Illidan's past/family with him.
β€” Discussed NSV policies with Kavik pt. 1.
β€” Met an insane woman in the woods (Wraen).
β€” Met Corvus and invited him to join NSV.
β€” Met Thorleif and invited him to join NSV (immediate regret).
β€” Met Illecebra and discovered a pack near Fox's Glade (Easthollow).
β€” Spoke with Elixir about her past; touched a nerve; was shut down.
β€” Discussed NSV policies with Kavik pt. 2.
β€” Met Elixir again and received an apology about previous encounter.
β€” Met a mentally unstable man on Mt. Apikuni; abort, abort, abort.
β€”Met Donoma but was too tired to converse with her.
β€”Brought Corvus back with her to the NSV group.
β€”Sparred with Embry who left before the spar was over, so she won by default.
β€”Apologizes to Liri about bringing Thorleif to the group. Has a nice conversation.
β€”The NSV group travels to Mt. Apikuni.
β€”Grezig spars with Corvus and wins.
β€”Travels to a strange cave inside a mountain (Sunbeam Lair) and meets a crazy wolf spouting prophecies. Quickly leaves.
β€”Has a weird conversation about fishing and raccoons with Thorleif. They decide that she will teach him about animals later.
β€”Meets with Elixir and teaches her the proper ready stance for fighting. Agrees to spar with her later.
Pack History
Dam: Adarok [NPC]
Sire: Broxirg [NPC]
Littermates [2016]: Uruuk , Zuruzog , Derg
Siblings [2017]: Yizur , Zurek

Adopted Son: Illidan

Grezig x Kavik x Liri
LONE WOLF: 6/12/18β€”6/27/18
BLACKTAIL DEER PLATEAU: 6/27/18β€”11/12/18
NEVERWINTER FOREST [Pledged]: 11/12/18β€”1/2/19
RUSALKA: 1/2/19β€”7/??/19
LONE WOLF: 7/??/19β€”Present
Profile of Grezig: Additional Information
IC β‰  OOC.

All of Grezig's siblings are up for adoption. PM me or contact me on Discord if you're interested! My Discord is: Fira#9477

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