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RIP Grezig
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Basic Info
Full Name: Grezig
Subspecies: Grey Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 3 (June 1, 2016)
Birthplace: Montana, USA
At A Glance
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Profile of RIP Grezig: Details
[Image: QCHo3hQ.png]
— Mix of grays and browns; (some russet during summer months, especially on the ears).
— Cream undersides.
— Brown eyes.
— Coat is lighter in summer and darker in winter.
— Mesomorph: compact & muscular body type.
— Somber-faced.
ESTJ-A: The Executive
Personality Inspiration - Kratos
— Instinctive.
— Actions speak louder than words.
— Body language-heavy.
— Quiet.
— Protective & territorial.
— More dominant, less submissive.
— Methodical.
— Logical.
— Traditionalist.
— Can be prejudice.
— Tired.
— Guilty.
— Attempting to reinvent self.
— Born to a typical wolf pack, a mated pair and their offspring.
— Left home shortly before turning two years as a dispersal wolf.
— Arrived in Teekon Wilds.

— Attempted to join Bearclaw Valley; failed.
— Met Ephraim, Illidan's brother.
— Was invited to join a pack in the making, Northstar Vale.
— Discussed Illidan's past/family with him.
— Discussed NSV policies with Kavik pt. 1.
— Met an insane woman in the woods (Wraen).
— Met Corvus and invited him to join NSV.
— Met Thorleif and invited him to join NSV (immediate regret).
— Met Illecebra and discovered a pack near Fox's Glade (Easthollow).
— Spoke with Elixir about her past; touched a nerve; was shut down.
— Discussed NSV policies with Kavik pt. 2.
— Met Elixir again and received an apology about previous encounter.
— Met a mentally unstable man on Mt. Apikuni; abort, abort, abort.
—Met Donoma but was too tired to converse with her.
—Brought Corvus back with her to the NSV group.
—Sparred with Embry who left before the spar was over, so she won by default.
—Apologizes to Liri about bringing Thorleif to the group. Has a nice conversation.
—The NSV group travels to Mt. Apikuni.
—Grezig spars with Corvus and wins.
—Travels to a strange cave inside a mountain (Sunbeam Lair) and meets a crazy wolf spouting prophecies. Quickly leaves.
—Has a weird conversation about fishing and raccoons with Thorleif. They decide that she will teach him about animals later.
—Meets with Elixir and teaches her the proper ready stance for fighting. Agrees to spar with her later.
Pack History
Dam: Adarok [NPC]
Sire: Broxirg [NPC]
Littermates [2016]: Uruuk , Zuruzog , Derg
Siblings [2017]: Yizur , Zurek

Adopted Son: Illidan

Grezig x Kavik x Liri
LONE WOLF: 6/12/18—6/27/18
BLACKTAIL DEER PLATEAU: 6/27/18—11/12/18
NEVERWINTER FOREST [Pledged]: 11/12/18—1/2/19
RUSALKA: 1/2/19—7/??/19
LONE WOLF: 7/??/19—11/27/19
UAINE GORSEDD: 11/27/19—2/22/20
WHITEBARK STREAM: 2/22/20—Present
Profile of RIP Grezig: Additional Information
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