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Basic Info
Full Name: Rannveig (Jagrin) Mayfair-Cairn
Subspecies: Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 1 (2017)
Birthplace: Warsaw Island
At A Glance
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a storm-battered grey, sculpted lean with a seafaring build. a wolf in which smiles come easily, but don't always reach the eyes. much of him looks like the tide-weathered flotsam, and a faint inkling of his cairn heritage traces in salty grey along his ribs. he moves with the sea-worthy confidence of a coastal scab, and carries with him the manicured slouch of a professional free-loader.

if he were human he might be likened to a trawling surfer; he is tall, tall, tall - with a lazily handsome way about him that is casually endearing to some, and outright infuriating to others. he sports a wide smile, that stretches to seafoam green eyes which sit like warm emeralds in a throne of stone, and rough, coarse paws that have traveled endless leagues in indefatigably jaunty steps.

[Image: giphy.gif?cid=790b76115ccb51515232516559...=giphy.gif]
Pack History
sired by the hardened seawolf skellige, and whelped by the pearl of donnelaith, deirdre. his littermates are ford, morrigan, lilia and velen.

rannveig has one son, unknown to him, named ashlar, born of a tryst between him and mona mayfair-cairn.

his paternal half-siblings are sandpiper, smokestep, redshank and moorhen.
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