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Full Name: Rannveig (Jagrin) Mayfair-Cairn
Subspecies: Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 1 (2017)
Birthplace: Warsaw Island
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a storm-battered grey, sculpted lean with a seafaring build. a wolf in which smiles come easily, but don't always reach the eyes. much of him looks like the tide-weathered flotsam, and a faint inkling of his cairn heritage traces in salty grey along his ribs. he moves with the sea-worthy confidence of a coastal scab, and carries with him the manicured slouch of a professional free-loader.

if he were human he might be likened to a trawling surfer; he is tall, tall, tall - with a lazily handsome way about him that is casually endearing to some, and outright infuriating to others. he sports a wide smile, that stretches to seafoam green eyes which sit like warm emeralds in a throne of stone, and rough, coarse paws that have traveled endless leagues in indefatigably jaunty steps.

c o n f u s

Pack History
sired by the hardened seawolf skellige, and whelped by the pearl of donnelaith, deirdre. his littermates are ford, morrigan, lilia and velen.

his paternal half-siblings are sandpiper, smokestep, redshank and moorhen.
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rannveig's spiritual guide is the stargazer
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