Profile of Minori: Quick Facts

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Shadewood Keep
The Platinum

Mate to Issun

Basic Info
Full Name: Minori Masuyo
Subspecies: Alexander Archipelago Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 4 years (3/6/2015)
Birthplace: Japan
At A Glance
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Profile of Minori: Details
A medium sized black female with a body structure consisting of lean muscle. She has a white patch over her right eye, curling downward toward her cheek. Her eyes are a startling shade of Seafoam green.


-Easier to soften

-Still lacks trust of new faces

-Easily angered

-Possesive of her mate

-Hormonal as HELL.
Born in Japan in a sanctuary she was taken from her parents as a yearling. She was tranquilized and placed on a plane, flown to the states and released in yellowstone. She didn't like it there and therefore began to travel away from the park, eventually finding her way here.
Pack History
Mother- Kira

Father: Hiro

Brother: Tadashi

Ex Mate: Higoro

Mate: Issun

Offspring: Megumi "Deku" Bōshi
Sato Springs- Princess and General

Lone wolf

Blacktail Deer Plateau

Lone wolf

Current: Shadewood Keep

Profile of Minori: Additional Information
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