Profile of Minori: Quick Facts

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Mate to Takara

Basic Info
Full Name: Minori Matsuyo
Subspecies: Alexander Archipelago Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 5 years (3/6/2015)
Birthplace: Japan
At A Glance
[Image: PEdxJze.png]

Left eye has the white ying marking not shown
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Profile of Minori: Details
A medium-large woman with long legs that give her a feminine grace added to the deadly physique. Sleek summer coat that has sand along her belly and legs and tousled everywhere else from seawater and the breeze. Seafoam green eyes, the right one having a white ying yang like marking over it that curves downward.

- a lot of scars
-grey speckling on her legs that will brighten to white as she ages.
After enduring an accident during the Deluge while volunteering to try and bring food to the pack, Minori is experiencing the realization that she is nearly six years old.

She will probably rebel by becoming particularly ferocious toward people that aren't her pack, family or allies and once again striving for power.
Born in Japan in a sanctuary she was taken from her parents as a yearling. She was tranquilized and placed on a plane, flown to the states and released in yellowstone. She didn't like it there and therefore began to travel away from the park, eventually finding her way here.
Pack History
Brother: Tadashi

Ex Mates: Higoro, Issun

Mate: Takara

Offspring: "Deku" Bōshi (Megumi), Miwa Matsuyo, Naoyuki Matsuyo
By matehood: Orochi
Currently: YL
Profile of Minori: Additional Information
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Merc. Mastery: 6/20
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