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Basic Info
Full Name: Minori Matsuyo
Subspecies: Alexander Archipelago Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 4 years (3/6/2015)
Birthplace: Japan
At A Glance
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Profile of Minori: Details
A medium sized black female with a body structure consisting of lean muscle. She has a white patch over her right eye, curling downward toward her cheek. Her eyes are a startling shade of Seafoam green.
A she wolf with many scars, tired eyes and who's only care seems to be about her family and friends. She is cold, blunt, and doesn't seem to make any real social effort anymore.
Born in Japan in a sanctuary she was taken from her parents as a yearling. She was tranquilized and placed on a plane, flown to the states and released in yellowstone. She didn't like it there and therefore began to travel away from the park, eventually finding her way here.
Pack History
Brother: Tadashi

Ex Mates: Higoro, Issun

Mate: -

Offspring: Megumi "Deku" Bōshi
Non blood: Offspring: Oroshi

Profile of Minori: Additional Information
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