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Basic Info
Full Name: Invictus Nightshade
Subspecies: Timber Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 4 (2014)
Birthplace: Beyond Teekon
At A Glance
A cold, intimidating creature, like a shadow come to life. Her steely gaze will slice right through you, analyzing you for all your faults, and if that doesn't dissuade you, her bitter tongue will. Might be best to just stay away from this one.
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Profile of Invictus: Details
A tall an thin woman of sleek, angular features and a jet black coat, remnant of a starless night sky or the shadows you see following you in the night. Despite her cold and standoffish exterior, one born of a hardened mind and soul, her body is fragile, built to be that of a speedy runner or agile dancer, but not a muscle-bound warrior. She is easy to overpower, easy to break and tear apart, so she commits herself to turning and running whenever the going gets rough, and does so with no shame or remorse. Pale, silver eyes stare out from a mask of obsidian, their gleen cold and critical, creating a rather eerie contraste against her dark physique; truly not a face you'd want staring you down in the dead of night.

VC is Patti Lupone (Yellow Diamond)
True Neutral · INTJ "The Scientist" · Type 5 "The Investigator"
Good Is Not Nice - The Snark Knight - Jerk With A Heart Of Gold - Dirty Coward

POSITIVE - intelligent, witty, adaptive, survivalist, independent, (secretly) nurturing, moral

NEGATIVE - blunt, stoic, sarcastic, prideful, selfish, cowardly

A perfect companion to her dull, grayscale coat, miss nightshade could be described as a rather dull, emotionless character. To see her smiling or even in a relatively good mood is quite rare, and when it does occur, it is often at the expense of someone else's pain, playing on her dark sense of humor. No, she isn't a sadist or sociopath, she just finds an odd sense of amusement in watching others fail or experience some sort of dark feeling. More on that will come soon though.

First and foremost, Invictus is a blunt, cold, and stoic wolf. She holds herself in a reserved and almost refined manner, choosing to avoid conversation not because of being shy, but because she honestly considers herself better than the average lupine. The art of conversation and bending one's personality to appease someone else is needlessly complex and exhausting, so she either says what's on her mind, regardless of how it may offend or otherwise upset someone, or avoids socializing altogether. Regardless, seeing how this type of straightforward and cold persona usually isn't favored by many, she spends a lot of her time alone, and honestly has come to enjoy it that way, though she isn't entirely immune to the pangs of loneliness every now and then.

Though not very becoming, this emotionless facade has come quite in handy at times for the female. she's mastered the skill of hiding her true emotions (albeit only using this skill when she actually feels like it) and from her years of frequently offending others with her brash speech, she's fairly certain she knows how to push the right buttons to get what she wants. Adding to this, Invie is quite the intelligent wolf, gifted in identifying the patterns of life, analyzing her surroundings (including the wolves in them), strategizing when motivated to do so, and using logic/reasoning to solve problems. Not to mention she's quite witty as well, more than capable of coming up with a few snippy, smart-ass responses on the spot. Combining her stoicism and intelligence together and you've got yourself a potential diplomat. Yet, despite all of this skill and her potential to serve a pack quite well... Most, if no all of these traits are solely used for her own gain and/or amusement.

Invictus isn't much of a team player. At least, not outwardly, and not to any extreme on the inside. As aforementioned, she doesn't much care for the emotions of others, often regarding their little upsets as something they should just "get over". She isn't one to put herself in danger for someone else (even if there may be instances where that appears to be the case, I assure you, there was something in it for her). She's lived a life of solitude, one where others have let her down too many times, therefore shaping her into a selfish individual that only looks out for number one. Such a lifestyle has also made her prideful, believing that in a lonely world her pride and dignity are all she has left, hence why she believes herself to be better than others. As such, she is also fiercely independent. She doesn't need your help. she's done this on her own long before you came along. to offer her help (at least, for simple things) is not only an insult to her pride, but her intelligence and capability as well.

Now, it's worth noting that these nasty traits aren't always apparent to everyone. Invictus is a survivalist, and as i'm sure you've gathered by now, in no way stupid. Does she know she won't survive as a loner long? begrudgingly, yes. Does she know an alpha will never accept her/tolerate her if she doesn't have some form of respect towards others? Yes. Does she know the alpha will probably kill her if she lets on of her smart-ass replies slip off towards them? Yes. Lastly, does she know this brutish wolf that already has her in its clutches will also probably murder her if she says one more nasty thing? Yes. Therefore, though she isn't truly sincere about it, Invictus can fake respect for the sake of her own survival, or at least bite her tongue and cease provocation. Don't get the wrong idea, in the scenarios with the alpha, she certainly won't be chummy chummy with them, but she can at least keep herself in a more neutral state to prevent her termination from the ranks. She'll call them sir/ma'am, she'll give them a neutral, unchallenging tone, and she'll do as asked... probably. Of course, if she's certain she can get away with it, she isn't likely to treat her packmates with the same "respect".

Though perhaps the wrong word for it, Invictus could be considered a coward in some ways. Oh she's not afraid to taunt and sneer at someone if they're a considerable distance away, but the moment she know's her life is in danger, she's going to do whatever it takes to survive, which often means running. She isn't a hero and certainly won't die protecting someone else- she's gonna get the hell out of there, and possibly feel moderately guilty/ashamed with herself, but won't lose sleep over it. Even with her preferred line of work, she isn't likely to put her life on the line to help someone else, much rather preferring to let them die of their injuries/ailments. In time, it's possible this part of her may change, if she can find some wolves that will care enough about her to make her think selfless acts and bravery and worth it, but at the moment, it's a definite not-happening.

Now, despite all of the bitterness, snarkiness, selfishness, and otherwise nastiness, there is a hint of compassion lurking in the depths of her soul. Invictus is a self-taught healer, initially taking up the task because it soothed her need for research and her need to "make things right", i.e. have things be tidier than they were before. She didn't care too much for actually helping others at first, but over time, it's slowly (and secretly) grown on her. Perhaps her cold heart finds just a spark of warmth whenever she brings peace and happiness to someone, when they thank her for helping them/potentially saving their life. She hides it of course, never acts any warmer, but the feeling is there. This feeling is hardly experienced outside of her healing, however. Additionally, it's gotten to a point where, if her life won't be put directly on the line that is, she finds it hard to let someone go on unhealed. She's gonna fix you dammit, whether you like it or not, now hold still. With that, it's worth noting that she isn't any more nurturing or kind as a healer, still quite blunt and to the point when tending to her patients. She might offer you some painkillers if it's really serious, but otherwise, suck it up buttercup, and do as she says. She has no patience for those that refuse her care and may manipulate them into cooperation by threatening to sedate them/leave them to their pitiful fate.
Mother: Athena Nightshade (status unknown)
Father: Amadeus Vasilev (whereabouts unknown)

Siblings: Olivia Nightshade (sister; whereabouts unknown)
Littermates: Thanatos Nightshade (brother; deceased)
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