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Basic Info
Full Name: Nirali Tilani
Subspecies: 50% Mexican Wolf || 50% Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog
Sex: Female
Age: 1 (02/25/2018)
Birthplace: Minrathous
Patron: Zazikel
At A Glance
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Profile of Nirali: Details


                A petite patchwork girl, splashes of stone and midnight wrapped over sharp angles and jutting bones. Tiny and wolflike, differing only in subtle ways yet appearing distinctly other; she is slimmer in build than her pure-blooded counterparts, short-furred and whip-tailed. Confident and ever-silent in her movements, almost catlike in the delicacy of her step.
        Smooth-coated and greyscale, wearing a tattered cloak of slate and charcoal over a base of steel. Hints of pale silver-grey are scattered through her coat, concentrated around her muzzle and underlining garnet eyes. A streak of stark white highlights her chest and throat, while her paws are dipped in the same shade.
        A wanderer by blood, a noble by birth, and a thief by profession. Nirali is an adventurer and a troublemaker at heart, thriving on chaos and the rush of adrenaline it brings her. There is a trained lightness to her step and an unmistakable pride to her posture, borne of many months of training in the ways of the thieves of Minrathous, yet in most cases the girl makes her presence known to as many as possible, typically giving the illusion of extroversion. In truth, the young wolfdog is quite introverted; she's simply lonely — but far too proud to admit it, or to stoop so low as to purposefully befriend a stranger.
        An optimistic soul despite all odds; perpetually curious and possessing an air of childlike joy in most settings, Nirali often comes across as a naive, if mischievous, girl. She is no stranger to the brutality of the world, but this is true in a sense, as she has yet to come to terms with its true consequences. The stubborn pride of youth has stuck with her into early adulthood, reinforced by a childhood immersed in a highly elitist culture, and at times her constant cheer can seem forced, or perhaps more routine than genuine happiness. Nonetheless, even her judgmental tendencies are colored by this unshakable positivity, and often even her dislike comes with friendly intentions. She is, however, entirely unmotivated by the concept of morality; her friendliness, and her investment, are unabashedly conditional and based on her own arbitrary whims, and strangers would be unwise to rely upon either.
        Sired by Alarian Pan Keil and born to Nesira Tilani alongside sisters Eleni and Araceli. On September 27th, 2019, she took Aldric Thalrassian as her mate. Nirali considers all wolves of Verradril her kin.
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