Profile of Owen: Quick Facts

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Basic Info
Full Name: Owen Redhawk-Voulge
Subspecies: Alexander Archipelago/Eastern Timber Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 0.75 (26 June, 2018)
Birthplace: Heron Lake Plateau
At A Glance
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Profile of Owen: Details
This pseudo-changeling looks nothing like his parents or his sisters. Where the dark of night lays over most of them, with varying patches of stark white, he's mottled reddish-brown, and even his white marks are mostly much creamier, splashed across his eyebrows in an eggshell tone (which helps his well greened eyes stand out), liberally down his underside, and following the uneven stretch of his legs. He's lost virtually all his puppy chubbiness and in the way of teenaged pups now looks to have been unevenly stretched on the rack. His red-orange ears are especially disproportionately large. Strangest of all are whiter fingers of fur splaying out from a particularly rusty patch on the back of his shoulder blades. His muzzle-top, ears, and tail also have more-reddish smears of color blotched onto them. About the only wolf color he doesn't seem to have is black, as his green eyes are beginning to take more note of.
The exact markings splayed across his sabled red-brown base are starting to become better-defined, but their squiggly lines are still likely to change a little as he grows, particularly as his coat continues thickening. There is another and larger amoeba of bright white star-fishing out from just behind the brighter red smear on his shoulder blade, though; rustier, redder highlights are present on his muzzle top, ears (along the edges particularly) and mid-tail as well. An inverted triangle and the very tip of that tail are a contrasting and more-shadowy brown that is also present in an inverted pyramid that runs from his forehead down the very edges of his cheeks almost to the top of his jawline, ever so slightly above his top nose rim, and sabled in messy rows along his spine.
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He's displayed the strangest knack thus far for aggravating inanimate objects into assaulting him; Owen has a tendency to anthropomorphize them and invent bizarre conspiracy theories at the drop of a hat. His paranoia is also developing right on schedule.
(The mental switch holding the Insane Troll Logic in the "off" position is a bit...unreliably flimsy.)

Pack History
Secondborn to Quixote x Raven.

His littermates (in order of birth) are Vasa , Kite , and Phoebe

His aunt Towhee (ttly seekritly a bird shapeshifter, very important to him), uncle Phox, adopted uncle Eljay, and puppysitter-made-family, Niamh are squished in there too.

Further extended family to be added as he meets and/or learns of them.
The Redhawks
Birth (June 2018) — Present.
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