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Basic Info
Full Name: Dimitre
Subspecies: Northwestern Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 2 (May 4, 2016)
Birthplace: The Frozen Territories
At A Glance
Large and thick with mostly black fur, some grey along his shoulders and back. Lively mint colored eyes.

In short, pretty boy.
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Profile of Dimitre: Details
Dimitre turned out to be a strongly darkened mixture of his parents. He inherited the deepest colors of his father with a faint kiss along his back of his mother's coloring. His eyes are a lively shade of mint green that serve as a brutal reminder of his mother.

Build wise he most seemed to have taken after his father and then some. Built like a tank and ready for action. Sadly this has left him being less than nimble unlike both of his parents.
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Pack History
ParentsAleks and Katyenka

Siblings — So. Many.
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