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Basic Info
Full Name: Kila "Killian" Gallagher
Subspecies: Timber Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 1.5 (Jan. 2017)
Birthplace: Tropics
At A Glance
A roguish looking lad (?) of gangly, teenage proportions, but not without his fair share of water-toned muscle. He appears young and easy going, with his sleazy grin and lackadaisical mannerisms, but his eyes are distant and older than they should be...
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Profile of Killian: Details

base credit to eredhys on deviantart

realistic ref (no scar yet)

A medium sized wolf of thin, lanky proportion, sporting a frame not unlike that of an adolescent male. It is, for the most part, void of feminine shape, and any curves that might be lurking or might develop with age are well hidden behind a wild and disheveled coat of rust and mud. The face, of long, pointed muzzle, tall ears, and angular lime green eyes, appears sharp and pleasant, something you might refer to as the face of a pretty boy until you learn the truth, yet this charming visage is tainted by a long, jagged scar running diagonally across the youth’s face, starting at her left jawline, rising between the eyes, and ending above the right brow. Amidst the sea of rust and brown, white peaks through on the youth’s toes and in a patch on her chest.

The most important feature of Kila’s appearance is that, due to having grown up in a tough environment and having been raised by a sexist father, she presents herself as a boy by the name of Killian. Her androgynous physique, boyish voice, and extreme efforts to conceal her sex (such as rolling in sea water and swamp muck to mask her feminine scent or sitting/lying in certain ways so as to hide her lack of manhood) help to keep up the facade, and most others typically can’t figure it out unless she tells them or they get close enough to smell the truth.
laid back, wise, whimsical, prideful, aggressive/violent when provoked, superstitious, witty, tomboyish, eye for an eye, independent, respect is earned not given, reserved, secretive

loosely based on James Kidd/Mary Read from Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flags
I. The best way to describe Finnian Gallagher was that of a complete madman; a reckless marauder whom lived as he pleased, took what he wanted, and spat in the face of law and order. Wherever he came from or whomever raised him to create such a creature is unbeknownst to Kila; she never asked, and never cared to ask, as such details seemed insignificant in comparison to everything else in her father’s past. All she knows is that her father had a well established reputation for being insane.

Throughout his life, the man had made a great many allies and an even greater many foes. He was prone to establishing bands of rogues of similar mindset (with himself at the lead of course) to pillage the earth with together, stealing prey, taking women, disrupting pack hierarchies, chasing after fabled treasures, and all round causing general mayhem solely for the sake of creating chaos. However, having never been a man of loyalty or trustworthiness, he was not above stabbing his own men in the back if it proved beneficial to him, meaning he didn’t appear to be bound by any type of moral code, which caused him to seem unstable and dangerous for anyone to walk beside, be it enemy or ally. He was feared for his madness, for the stale scent of blood and rot that followed him and the crazy gleam in his crimson red eyes. Tales of the mad pirate man quickly spread through the lands, plaguing the hearts and minds of any whom heard them and creating something of a legend… but Finnian wanted more. He didn’t want his legacy to be solely dependant on word of mouth, else he might fade into something of a myth or ghost story. No, he wanted to establish more solid roots to carry on his story, to carry on his blood, so about midway through his life, he set about in search of a woman to bear him sons.

II. Lidia McLoughlin was his chosen wench, a quiet, intelligent loner woman of dark fur and green eyes. There wasn’t anything particularly special about her; she didn’t radiate with goddess-like beauty and didn’t make any attempts to appear seductive, but there was a charming calmness about her that drew Finnian in, like a sharp contrast to his brash madness. She didn’t seem to fear him, and if anything, seemed almost intrigued by his tales, fancying herself something of a storyteller. She wasn’t special, but she was different, and he figured he need not look any further for a suitable mate. Far from a stranger to flirtation, he persuaded her into carrying his children, and though he didn’t stick around once she did became pregnant or invite her to travel with him, he did swing by every once in awhile, just to keep tabs and make a good impression on her in case it didn’t work out the first time and they needed to try again.

Unfortunately, around the time she was to give birth, a sickness fell upon her home, infecting the woman as well as her single newborn; a girl she named Kila. Finnian had returned to meet his children, yet heard of the sickness (and that fact that he’d only been given a single daughter, not any sons) and turned away in disgust, leaving Lidia alone with the child to slowly grow weaker as the days passed. Kila was only able to spend three months with her mother before the woman succumbed to the disease, whereas Kila herself had proved to be surprisingly strong and was able to steadily fight off the infection. Eventually, Finnian returned again, expecting the sickness to be gone and intending to take Lydia away so they could try again in a healthier environment, yet he learned of what had happened to her, then of how his daughter somehow managed to fight off the disease, which partially sparked his interest. He requested the child be brought to him, and after surveying her for a moment, decided he would take her with him and pass her off as a boy instead, naming her Killian and forcing her to roll in swamp muck to mask her femininity. The newly made boy was to address him as “Finnian” and “sir”, not dad, and was to learn all that the old man could teach about pirateering.

III. For the nine months that followed, that’s just what Killian did. He shadowed his father’s footsteps wherever the older man went and became well acquainted with the swashbuckling life of a pirate. He was expected to mature from an early age, being thrown into social circles that almost entirely consisted of men (and occasionally women) his father’s age or boys whom acted the same. There was no time for playing or fooling around like the child he truly was; it was all business. He traveled to a great many places with his father, most typically near the sea, met a great many different types of wolves (and helped betray and swindle a great many type of wolves), and became a friend to concepts like thieving, murder, intimidation, etc. Above all, he learned “an eye for an eye” and “every man for himself”, morals that still strongly resonate in the lad today.

They lived a life of freedom, feeling no mortal ties to anything or any code of law to bind themselves by, but as Killian got older, he would progressively start to feel less and less like a free man. His father’s madness only seemed to get worse as the months rolled by, the old coot sometimes laughing at nothing and murdering innocent souls for sheer “fun”. Such behavior had taken place before, but at least then one might have SOME idea that they were getting on the old man’s bad side; nowadays, he might just decide to snap someone’s neck in the middle of a conversation, then laugh it off like the damned fool should’ve seen it coming. It was… unsettling. Not to mention his complete lack of regard for Killian’s safety. He didn’t tolerate any form of weakness, therefore was prone to putting Killian’s “manhood” to the test in ridiculously dangerous ways, like daring him to deal with known murderers, or to bite the tip off a crocodile’s tail. It was through one of those many trials that Killian earned the large scar across his face, which narrowly missed both of his eyes and could have blinded the lad. There also was, as you could guess, no paternal bond between the two, as Finnian Gallagher was seemingly allergic to the affection he owed his only “son” and much preferred to go spend it on beautiful women instead, sometimes even disappearing for several days to go spend time with his consorts while the boy had to fend for himself. The relationship was becoming… strained, to say the least, and Killian had long lost any sort of attachment that he could have possibly felt towards the man.

IV. Finally, towards the completion of Killian’s first year in the world, his father seemed to have finally just… lost it. He didn’t know what happened to him, didn’t even know where he’d been when it first happened, for the man had once again left him on his own for several days before returning with an unsteady walk, an uncontrollable fit of laughter, a crazed look in his eyes. “Fight me boy,” he’d laughed, lunging straight for the yearling and missing by a long shot. It was allegedly supposed to be another one of Killian’s manhood trials, but he could see that his father wasn’t all there… That something was horribly awry. Uncertain of what to do, Killian tried to just dodge the attacks while mumbling that the old man was out of his mind and needed to lie down for a bit, but the other got progressively more and more violent, spit flying from his jaws and his words fading into incoherent snarls. He wouldn’t listen, and he started to get more and more precise with his attacks, leaving Killian with little else to do but fight back.

In the end, by one deft bite to the old man’s jugular, Killian felled his father and finally put an end to the great Finnian Gallagher. Left alone with nothing else to do and nowhere else to go, Killian ran off in search of a land where he could start his life anew.
Pack History
Father: Finnian Gallagher (deceased)
Mother: Lydia McLoughlin (deceased)
Siblings: None
Littermates: None
LONE WOLF (birth -- present)
Profile of Killian: Additional Information
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