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Full Name: ???
Subspecies: Gay AF
Sex: Male
Age: 21 (Dec 02, 1996)
Birthplace: Colombia
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I look exactly like my avatar... And that's only on good days

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I'm a very tall volleyball player. I have one smelly dog, two annoying sisters and one day I'll have one of those ugly fur-less cats just because they're strange and look like bats to me. I'm a good kid, I'm easy going and laid back and I like to think that I'm quite open-minded. I love plotting and brainstorming so hit me up if you have any good ideas! I'm probably nowhere near you because I'm Colombian, which also means English is not my first language! (I'm usually pretty good at it, but if you spot any grammar mistakes pleeeease let me know so I can be even better!). I love chatting and I'm pretty friendly; I'm always checking for PMs and tags, and you can easily find me on Discord (Tony808#2108) if you wanna chat!

Find me also on:

Deviantart! β€” Instagram!


What to expect when threading with me?

I will conclude and archive threads that have gone two weeks (15 days) without a reply. I tend to get anxious when threads are dragged out too long and this will help me keep things fun and fresh, it's nothing personal.

You may skip me in group threads without asking if I haven't replied past the time frame specified below for each character (Character priority & Response Time). You can still ask if you prefer to do so. I usually always ask before skipping you.

I play all my characters by a limited-consent policy. Non-fatal injuries may be inflicted on them without asking me, but I prefer that such attempts are decided by dice roll with a chance of failure. By doing so you agree to allow the same for your character as long as we're threading. Likewise I am quite okay with my characters being subject to mild powerplay in your posts as long as it makes sense and is not abused. Your character may not kill/maim/seriously injure mine without my full verbal permission.

None of my characters are exempt from mature content. This includes cursing, sex, violence and, less commonly, gore, but I will usually mark a thread with the mature tag if necessary. If you'd like me to restrain from being explicit about these topics in our thread just let me know, I'm cool with anything.

IC β‰  OOC My characters thoughts and actions DO NOT reflect my own. You'll find I'm quite different from all of them IRL.

I rather being contacted first about assumptions of events that happen BTS but you're free (and encouraged) to tag my characters in threads that reference them. Its always nice to see they're making an impact.

My keyboard is an asshole so there will be a ton of typos. I usually proof-read my posts but I may miss stuff. I'm only human.

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Character priority

Primary Characters
Damien β€” Revan

Secondary Characters

Most Notable Past Characters:
Bane β€” Rakharo β€” Aella

Response Time

I have a pretty inconsistent posting schedule. Deal with it
(I will prioritize Primary character threads tho)

Primary Characters:
Highest priority. Response time ranges from 1 to 5 days. Always open for new threads (important ones will be prioritized).

Secondary Characters
Medium priority. Response time ranges from 1 to 10 days depending on availability. Max 2 active threads (I'll make space for an additional one or two if they're important).

Lowest priority. Mostly act as companions through cameo posts so replies may take a while. Max 1 active thread (full participation).

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