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Full Name: Qiao-ihla
Subspecies: Curious mix of Algonquin & Eastern Coyote
Sex: Female
Age: (2015)
Birthplace: Ruingasun
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Delicately wrought, with a tapestry of black and russet saddling a thin body. Olive eyes that seem to dance, never resting on one object for long.
A capable wolf, taught early the harsh realities of the world - one who has carved out a living among better men by cleverness and will, and taken from many. There is not much about her that could cut down any wolf, but her sharp face and flitting ways suggest she is rarely crossed, and for good reason. She is fond of life's luxuries - a good meal, a full belly, "all the corners filled" -- and equally unfond of those who would take them. She believes she practices magicka, and will tell a wolf the fates the Nine have designed for them -- for a price.
A seer by many names, who has carved out a lavish lifestyle in Coconut Grove; her wares the finest any mortal tongue could care to hold: crabs fermented in the ways of the old world, the lavish assortment of carefully crafted and aesthetic roe, and coconuts harvested and filled to the brim with fermented apples, berries, and bilge-water. Her wares are cached in the abandoned halls of a warren tunneled by foxes; she can be seen at any time trawling the shore, usually accompanied by a black or red fox.
None in Teekon.
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