Profile of Qiao: Quick Facts
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Basic Info
Full Name: Qiao-ihla
Subspecies: Algonquin & Eastern Coyote
Sex: Female
Age: 5 (2018)
Birthplace: Ruingasun
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Profile of Qiao: Details
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a sharp spindle. wrought in shades of red that could be called warm were it not for the hard bite of her olive green eyes. hammered by hard years, qiao is long of limb and much older than she appears. a greenbrier torc can often be seen across her neck, hosting sundries in rough deerskin. at rest or during rituals qiao is often seen with a worn wolf skull.
qiao has carved out a living among better men by cleverness and will. raised by hardship, qiao is fond of life's luxuries - a good meal, a full belly, "all the corners filled". she is a practitioner of magicka and the left-hand-path. qiao can be coaxed to scry from the bones the fates the overworld has designated for individual wolves, but it comes at their own tremendous personal cost.
qiao was born to another name in another time thousands of miles from the teekon. as a young girl, qiao followed warbands, crusades, and armies. she was often seen tending the dying, sometimes hastening their journey and burying the dead. she learned from sisterwives and matriarchs how to heal, how to steal, and most importantly, the soft squishy spots to stick a fang when things go south.
Profile of Qiao: Additional Information
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Qiao believes she is a seer and witch. I will write her as if magic, paranormal, and supernatural events are objectively true, as this is what she believes. If you find I have gone too far beyond your semi-realism preferences, please drop me a note and I will edit a thread or post accordingly. ♥
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