Profile of Aqakuktuq: Quick Facts

Basic Info
Full Name: Aqakuktuq "Fisher" Tiriaq
Subspecies: Alaskan tundra wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 2 years (5/3/16)
Birthplace: Isakutâk, Northern Alaska
At A Glance
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Profile of Aqakuktuq: Details
Fisher is a solid off-white woman of smallish stature and piercing golden eyes. She has raven and snowy owl feathers intermingled with the voluminous fur of her neck and tail. While her frame is somewhat stocky, she still moves with purpose and grace. Conversely, her facial features are angular and slender. Fisher stands at 31 inches at the shoulder and weighs 92 lbs.
True Neutral

Stubborn . Serious . Stoic . Quiet . Resolute . Shrewd

The first thing one will notice about Fisher is that she is incredibly stoic. It is not that she doesn't feel emotions, but stoicism was expected in her natal pack. She had never been a jovial wolf, though, so a serious demeanor comes naturally to her. Fisher prefers not to speak unless necessary and is not talkative in the slightest, always seeming to reply in the least amount of words possible.

She is highly observant and keen, being one to approach situations from a logical point of view as opposed to an emotional one. Still, some of her decisions may be swayed by strong emotions, though she'd never admit to it. Fisher is the epitome of true neutral, caring primarily for herself and those close to her. She will either follow or break rules―depending on what is best for her well-being―and is not opposed to killing if she feels it is deserved or will ensure the safety of her and her family.

Fisher likes to keep herself busy. A hunter through and through, she specializes in fishing but is talented in the realm of hunting in general. While she may appear to be primarily concerned with herself, she will put the needs of those she cares for above those of her own.

Aqakuktuq was born to an Inuit pack called Isakutâk (Sunbeam) in Northern Alaska. It was a secluded family pack that lived in a pine forest by a major river and largely subsisted off of salmon in the warmer seasons. In the winter, the pack relied on caribou to survive. Life was relatively normal and well.

However, in mid spring when Aqakuktuq had just turned 2, a wildfire swept across the land. Several family members were lost in the attempt to save the new litter of pups. She would have been one of them if not urged to run. Separated from any surviving pack members, Aqakuktuq searched for them for months before giving up. She traveled south and eventually wandered into the Teekons, where she is now trying to start a new life.


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Pack History
ISAKUTÂK ― Birth-April 2018

LONE WOLFApril 2018-July 2018

IKKANATTUK ― July 2018
Profile of Aqakuktuq: Additional Information
Aqakuktuq means "Fisher" in an Inuit language. Ever since she moved south where English is the dominant language, she just tells people to call her Fisher because it's easier to remember and pronounce but means the same thing.

Her last name means "Stoat" in Inuktituk.

Fisher has a raven companion named Pesi, which means "Bean". As an adolescent, she found him injured while on a fishing trip. He fully recovered, and they have been friends ever since.

She can speak Inuttut fluently. Her English is fairly basic, which only encourages her to speak even less with English-speakers than she already does even in her native tongue.

The feathers in her fur are secured with mud. In her natal pack, feathers were used to denote notable skill at a duty. They are invaluable to her out of both honor and memory of her pack.

Her favorite food is salmon roe―she considers it a treat.

Descriptors: Northerner, fisherwoman, cloud/nuvujak, snowfield, Inuit, wraith, ghost, specter, snowdrift/kimutjuk
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