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Basic Info
Full Name: Aura Keeko
Subspecies: Red Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 2 (11/17/15)
Birthplace: A pack outside Teekon Wilds
At A Glance
She seems to much to herself. She can be too flirtatious. A beauty and she can put the right ones in a trance.
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Profile of Aura: Details
She stands about 3 feet from shoulder to the ground, her length is about 4 feet from tail to her nose. The she-wolf exhibits a beautiful bright red coat with mixes of a tawny Brown. A white bit of fur around her eyes leaves her looking like she has too much white eyeliner on. Her paws are white like she had stepped in snow and it stained her pelt. Sea-foam green eyes pierce any passerby.
Psychology: Constantly fantasizes about success and she fails to learn from her experiences.
Self Discipline: Obsessed with appearances and Impatient
Lifestyle: Hates to live alone, Expects special treatment, Impulsive
Social Attitude: Extroverted, Arrogant
Honesty: Wicked and Remorseless
Emotional Capacity: No empathy
Current Emotional State: Infatuated
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Pack History
Revelation- Twin Sister

Purest Souls Forest- 11/17/15 - 4/26/18
Lone Wolf- 4/26/18 - present

Swiftcurrent Creek- Zeta^Epsilon^Delta | 8-25-18 to Present
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