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Basic Info
Full Name: Otto Oberon Oakshade
Subspecies: Wolf 50% x Labrador Retriever 50%
Sex: Male
Age: 1 (June 20, 2017)
Birthplace: Oakshade Valley
At A Glance
Droopy features, floppy ears, short and stocky stature (bordering on pudgy), very doglike. Probably smells like poo.
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Profile of Oberos: Details
Otto is the most doglike of his siblings. Black fur with dark brown shiny eyes appearing black in all but direct bright light, floppy ears. He's a stocky, barrel-like version of a wolf. His fur is a bit longer than a labs due to guard hairs inherited from his wolf-side, which have faint hints of silvery blue. He has much droopier features than a wolf, and more flappy skin around his face and neck.
Otto enjoys and pursues the simple pleasures, like rolling in poo or seeing how many butts he can sniff before the sun sets. He loves swimming, chasing things, and being silly (maybe to a fault). He can be equally laser-focused and foolishly oblivious to his surroundings at the same time, which often gets him into trouble.

There is a mean streak in him, but it isn't truly his, more like a caged black snake put there by somebody else that slithers through him waiting to strike when someone rattles its cage. He is quite ashamed of this "evil" within him and when it comes out and hurts someone he will often disappear for days to reconcile with himself.

Deep down he is a sad boy who wants to be loved and accepted, but feels unworthy and too different to ever truly have these things.
Much of his biography can be found in the Pack/Rank history. To sum it all up: Oberon was born from the affair between his wolf mother and vagabond dog father. Such a union was considered ultimate betrayal to the Oakshade wolves and resulted in a rough life for him, his mother, siblings, and even eventually his poor father- who was a really nice fellow who suffered a terrible fate just for loving someone different than he.
Oberon eventually found the courage to escape the only life he'd ever known, though he feels more like a coward for abandoning his siblings and mother.
Pack History
Otto was the result of an affair between his wolf mother and a sweet, charming male black lab. She managed to keep the whole thing a secret from the wolf pack for many weeks after their birth, one because she had been disloyal to her mate and two, the Oberon pack was quite brutish and rigid in its ways... but Otto, by no fault of his own, was the one who gave it away. He looked the most doglike of the litter and eventually, when an Oberon scout spotted their real father in the woods one day, they pieced it together. Quite a few horrible things happened after that.
One, the pack hunted the father down and chased him into the heart of Oberon where they tore him apart in front of Otto's mother and her children. After that Otto, his mother, and siblings faced daily derision and abuse as punishment for their "sins" against nature. This went on for many weeks until a particular event caused Otto's mother to lash out at one of the abusive pack mates, which put her on trial for exile ...or death. Eventually the pack ruled death-by-cliff, seeing as she could never be trusted again anyway, and why let such scum loose on the rest of the Earth anyway?

On the morning of his mother's scheduled execution the pack was preoccupied with the whole ordeal, and Otto, in a moment of weakness, found a chance to escape ...and took it.
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