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Full Name: Sitamat "Ikkalrok" Tartok
Subspecies: Several
Sex: Female
Age: 2 (Spring)
Birthplace: Kakortok Tareor Kingark
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Profile of Ikkalrok: Details
Ikkalrok meets the stereotype of the vast majority of her predecessors. From afar, she appears more bear than wolf. Her furs are a mixture of black and gunmetal gray (which earned her the name she was given), and her eyes are common brown. There is nothing feminine to her appearance, and she is frequently mistaken for the opposite sex. She is unattractive and unremarkable, though has an imposing demeanor. Ikkalrok has many scars beneath the surface of her thick furs, though none are particularly visible.


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Stamina: | | | | |
Speed: | | |
Cunning: |
Tactical Mind: | | | | |
Intelligence: |
Primal, instinctual, primitive. A brick wall.
Born Sitamat, she earned her name when she grew into her furs. Unambitious, but aggressive, Ikkalrok earned the surname Tartok after heading several campaigns to earn more territory. Redeemed for her prowess in battle, Ikkalrok is known for her unquestionable savagery. Nearing the age of three, Ikkalrok's ambition presented itself at long last. Tasked with seeking wayward Anneriwok so as to know their status in becoming, Ikkalrok abides her instinctual desire to expand and settle within the Wilds she had heard of in passing.

Ikkalrok accomplishes this and returns home when advised of a brewing war. Ikkalrok returns to fight and though the war is long, ultimately Tartok is victorious; Ikkalrok naturally disperses again once her season arrives, hoping to lay her own claim out in the Wilds she had once explored with permission granted to begin her own branch.
All Tartok and Anneriwok. Views Revui as her mate.
Profile of Ikkalrok: Additional Information
Any that participate in fights with Ikkalrok: she is meant to be a redeemed warrior. Please consider her years of experience; if you wish to utilize dice in fights with Ikkalrok, I will always add +1 to her rolls in consideration of this. Those with Master Warrior/Master Guardian trades may always add +2 to their offensive/defensive move (depending on the trade) in consideration of that. If your wolf has battle prowess, I will also acknowledge this and not utilize the +1. Thank you!

Tartok wolves welcome in my threads at any point.
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Ikkalrok is a tertiary character, and not my present priority.

Ikkalrok is instinctual and base. Her opinions do not reflect my own.