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Full Name: Quail
—50% canis lupus
—37% canis latrans
—13% canis lupus familiaris

Sex: Female
Age: (2017)
Birthplace: redfern grove
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she is a tiny, featherboned thing, made with all the fragility of a hummingbird's nest. quail is sifted ash piled together in the loose form of a canid; one who lends most of her looks to the coyote side of her line. warmth is entirely absent from her pelt, painted here and there with umber; not the warmth of caramel, but the cool dullness of faded autumn leaves.

muzzle is the darkest part of her, painted in pewter that fades back into clouded silver. her ears are dipped in the same ink that coats her muzzle, start against the paleness of her crown.

[Image: E5yxbtP.png]
[Image: KnZUlcl.jpg]

while barred clouds bloom the soft-dying day

submission and flexibility will see her survive. stunted growth, physically and socially, meant that her initial foray into the wilds she was born and torn shortly away from was fraught with err and violence. she is sharply intelligent and stoic, yet appears soft and docile, always. yet there is something perfect about her submission that for those especially observant speak of habit, reflex or show. the lines blur between which would be more correct. moments of boldness are scattered like breadcrumbs, and she is drained of passion as her coat is drained of warmth. an odd, diminutive little creature.

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[Image: E5yxbtP.png]

born the runt of a litter, parents a feral coydog and wolf. inexperienced mother was experienced enough to abandon the tiny pup that was quail soon after birth. she would have simply perished had not a well-intentioned woman found her. here began an ill-fated attempt to raise the mixed-breed.

the combination of an incorrect diet coupled with her inherent smallness had the pup growth stunted; finally surrendered to a sanctuary when she began to suffer from various nutrient deficiencies. soon after she was released back into the wilds she'd never really known, she joined a group of warring, full-blooded wolves that disdained her mixed blood. with them, she remained until she grew old enough to slip away and seek something better. her time in the wilds had taught her that submission and docility would see her survive, and is ever flexible and fluid as she roams alone.
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