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Full Name: Norsamu Rosen
Subspecies: Mackenzie Valley Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 2 Years (9/4/2016)
Birthplace: Sunback Ridge
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No cause is lost if there is but one fool left to fight for it.

her spirit like the great waves
135 Ibs
Norsamu is a rather heavyset wolf, carrying a lot of muscle inside her thick fur, making each step she takes come with a lot of force. She carries herself with a lot of pride, having her triangle head held up high, orange eyes giving a playful stare, and ears pointed up as each stride she takes is always with confidence.

She is not a colorful wolf, containing simple colors of grays and whites, many of being different shades. Majority of her coat consists of gray with darker gray points, which hits near her paws and the tip of her tail, otherwise she has a slight gradient mask where her eyes lie. Norsamu proudly pushes her white, luxurious mane forward. It stands out from the white below her belly, leading down to her paws, for it stands out like a mane then a regular marking. The only markings her body consists off is a pattern of leaf-like black and whites that leads from her shoulders, down to her neck. She is simple, but grand.

[ Charismatic, Confident, Adventerous ]
[ Headstrong, Reckless, Aggressive, Barbaric ]

but she does not ride by their will
Norsamu is a very easy-going wolf, absolutely bursting with charisma, as she lets it know that anyone of any type, can talk to her regardless of the moment. She enjoys the conversation, to the point even in the midst of battle, she will throw a few jolly laughters even through a dire moment. She believes in the end she will manage to get through, because she believes in herself, and her own powers. There might be trouble, and hey, she might not be able to pull through it all, but the dark female will not go down, she will keep her head held up high, and laugh at her failures. It's not something she treats as a 'learning moment' and tries to use that experience to improve, she calls it an adventure! A moment of excitment!

Norsamu tends to be a bit too impulsive, throwing herself in moments of danger just for that moment of exallieration. One could say she gets off on the moment of danger, but the andrenaline of being in the moment is what she lives for. Despite how dangerously reckless it may be, not many are able to convince her out of it. She doesn't want to yield to what others want to do, she wants to do it how she does it. Not because she is right, but because it's what she wants to do, and she wants to follow her choices, no matter how dangerous it may be.

Though while she is friendly, and some may call stupidly brave, she is not a hero. She would not go out of her way to help, if she does join the situation, it's purely because Norsamu wants to join in on the brawl. She has no manners, as she'll barge into a situation regardless of others feelings. It's not that she doesn't understand- she surprisingly sometimes able to spare a few wise words, it's more that it's not her problem to solve, nor' her issue if they gotten upset over the truth. Raised by rogues, she acts like a barbarian with neither grace or elegance, and she is happy for who she is.


Found at the bottom of a mountain named Sunback Ridge, outside of Teekon Wilds
Found as a pup, she was picked on a 'whim,' only to find out later she was picked up due to regret. The leader of a group of rogues, Rosemont, the boss of Rosen Rogues, once had a litter that she left for dead due to her own cowardliness. She was young and free, and felt she was not good enough to take care of them, and simply ran. She was no idea if they are alive or were picked up, but lived with regret, and scorn for herself ever since. From then on, Rosemont lived on the run from her own conscious with the luxurious life of adventure, action with a group of others that formed the Rosen Rogues. When she found the abandoned Norsamu, the feelings she left for so long was too much to bear, and to selfishly make herself feel better by making it right with this pup, picked up to raise with the rest. She was named after each member to create Norsamu, which was Nolden, Orca, Rosemont, Shivven, Aldwin, Mulan, Uriah.

As the only pup in the group, she was spoiled in a way of affection, but not in protection. Rather the group would push the pup who could barely feed without milk, to do various of dangerous tasks for their own amusement. Mess with a porcupine, climb a cliff, get too close to a cliff, throw in a river for fun. One would think this would make someone timid, however despite the dangerous 'playing,' they always encouraged her through it, and treated each small accomplishment as a festival, partying for days and nights when she simply managed to climb a small hill. She grew up with confidence, but not arrogance, she wasn't able to boast her skills to the group of wolves with their own dark paths, but they never did compare her to their younger days, only encouraged her, and cheered her up on failures. In fact there was a key moment when she was getting arrogant with her fighting abilities... They threw her in a pack of territoral wolves, to fight them, alone. She of course did not win, managed to take a few out, but not all. It was a lesson while she has strength, she was still one wolf. They then laughed at how funny it was to watch her struggle. With age and their own pasts, they knew how to give those few words of wisdom when the young Norsamu was a confused pup. Honestly, she laughs more of the fact despite that their words did hold truth to them, they tried so hard to look elegant, prideful, glorious, though the fact was they are usually reckless, wild, and act like barbarians. She remembers these moments fondly. Despite being rogues, they knew how to treat family right.

She would join on their reckless pursuit to gather treasures, and climb fearful mountains, and like them, developed that love for adventure. They did not grow her up to be a lady, despite there being a few females in the group, so she grew up with no manners, speaking to what she wants, and full of laughter. Norsamu grew stronger, but the Rosen Rogues grew weaker with age. It was harder for them to keep up with her through their various of adventures- and they knew, it was time to go soon. Though, they didn't want to simply go down without a fight, now did they? Years of adventure, reckless climbing, pursuit of treasures by sheer rumors and fights with packs, they had thought to die those ways. The Rosen Rogues need an honorable death-

And Norsamu would give them that.
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