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Full Name: Norsamu Rosen
Subspecies: Mackenzie Valley Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 3 Years (9/4/2016)
Birthplace: Sunback Ridge
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No cause is lost if there is but one fool left to fight for it.
135 Ibs
A heavyset wolf, carrying plenty of muscle within her dense and thick fur, causing each ferocious step to take with a bountiful force. A pirate with pride, and carries herself with an arrogance as she stands before others with shoulders firm and head held high, while giving a whimsical look with a stride of confidence.

While not a colorful wolf, beautiful nonetheless with her variety of grays and whites, many of different shades. Her coat is of grays with darker points, hitting the end of her paws and tail and crawling with a face mask. A luxurious, white mane comes forward, standing above her white belly that crawls underneath her tail and paws, while a beautiful marking curves like fallen leaves alongside her back. Simple, but grand.
her spirit like the great waves
[ Charismatic, Confident, Adventerous ]
[ Headstrong, Reckless, Aggressive, Barbaric ]

but she does not ride by their will
An easy-going wolf bursting with charisma and confidence, a charmer that all can converse without a hesitance. She’ll find joy in the smallest of details, even within the midst of battle her laughter can be heard from across the region. A jolly fellow, Norsamu loves to banter and laugh with the face of danger charging at her face, for she’ll never go down, in spirit and body. She’ll use all to improve herself, an adventurous soul, for excitement is all around.

Though impulsive, not caring for what her actions may cause in the end, as she follows the heat of the moment, regardless of the danger that will follow. Stubborn she is, not many can talk her out of her reckless actions, as she doesn’t want to yield to another, for she’ll do what she wants, and when she wants. Norsamu may not be right, however it's her choice in the end, no matter the danger.

Friendly as she is, she is stupidly brave, but by no means a hero. A selfish Pirate, she won’t help without because one simply begs, but because she so desires to, finding pleasure in a brawl, or thinking you are worthy of the cause. A mannerless barbarian, she has no care of social construct and cares little to how serious it may be, bursting into a situation without considering others need. It’s not that she doesn’t understand, but she doesn’t tend to others feelings far too much. Raised by rogues, she has neither grace or elegance, but a pride to who she is.


Picked up by a band of misfits, Norsamu was an abandoned pup of unknown origins and they nabbed her by the whim. All wolves with pasts that the heavens wouldn’t approve of, but together they were a band of mercenaries and scoundrels looking for treasure, and passed that onto the pirate.

Though all stories come to an end, as the Rosen Rogues, led by Rose herself alongside with Nolden, Orca, Rosemont, Shivven, Aldwin, Mulan, Uriah. knew it was time to part the world, but not before giving her a parting gift of their usual tussle. Though ending, in an eternal slumber.
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