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Full Name: Helaa
Subspecies: Human
Sex: Female
Age: (5/25/87)
Birthplace: Texas
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Fall 2019 semester is in session, so my replies may be slower at times. <3
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About Me:

I'm a 31 year old emergency/critical care veterinary technician. I work very long hours on the weekends and am not usually very active during that time. I will usually reply to a couple important/plot heavy threads on those days, but that's about all my brain will let me do before it says f you.

I'm most active during the week, as I don't work on weekdays.

I'm always open for plotting and/or drama! Just PM me or hmu on Discord.

If at any point you feel I haven't paid adequate attention to a thread, please let me know! I may have just spaced. It happens sometimes.

UPDATE: I currently have a lot going on in my life, and sometimes, I can't devote the amount of time I'd like to wolf. This makes me anxious at times, and the only way I've found that helps is replying to threads that I have a lot of muse for. So at times, you may see me reply to only a few threads and leaving the rest unreplied to. Please know that it doesn't mean I've lost interest in my other threads or care about them less; that's not the case at all. In fact, doing things this way actually helps motivate me to get caught up, which is why you'll see me spend one day getting completely caught up after a week or so of only replying to a few at a time. Just thought I would give you guys some insight into my weirdly sporadic activity levels.
My Policies:

I will archive threads after three months with no reply or if a thread partner falls inactive. I'm always fine with a thread being reopened once it's archived. Just let me know!

I'm usually okay with minor power play, but I would appreciate anything more be run by me first. If our characters are close, and I have given you permission to power play, then I'm fine with anything other than death or major injury.

I would prefer to never be skipped in a thread unless I have specified that I am fine with it or if you have talked to me about it prior.
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Highest priority. I reply with these characters most frequently.
→Active thread limit: 15


During busier times, you can expect longer reply times. When my RL isn't too busy, I respond with these characters just as readily as with my high priority characters.
→Active thread limit: 10



My activity with them is largely based on how busy I am and how much I have going on with my other characters. If I'm behind or feeling overwhelmed, replies from these characters may take at least a week.
→Active thread limit: 5


These characters are on hold indefinitely. I may or may not bring them back at some point.

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I'm super laid back about most things. If you ever have an issue with something in one of our threads, please feel free to let me know. I never mind editing or doing whatever is needed to rectify the situation. I'm just here to have fun and want others to have fun RPing with me.

Please always feel free to reach out to me for anything! this can be done through PM or Discord.

Discord: Hela#6002
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