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Full Name: xynien
Subspecies: octopus
Sex: Male
Age: dead (03/18)
Birthplace: the literal bottom of the ocean
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status: busy but around!!

listening to: from under the cork tree (2005) by fall out boy
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about me

he/him Β· over 18 Β· Β· pacific standard time

hi im xyn, im always stupid because i never sleep. come thread with me!
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ic =/= ooc & ooc > ic

one of these days i'll put something here, you get the point.


since wolf can be so unpredictable, i try not to anticipate what my or other characters will do too often. any 'prediction' i might make about my own characters should be taken with a grain of salt -- these dumb wolves are my babies, but they don't listen to me for anything! however, i do like ooc speculation and loose plans β€” nothing to get too attached to, but it's fun to speculate sometimes! i'm also always open to short term (one or two thread) plots provided they're simple. feel free to shoot me a message for any of these things ❀


(this will be updated soon) please ask before skipping me in any thread; as a general rule, i will not allow myself to be skipped in high-intensity or plot-heavy threads.

powerplay and bts interactions

(this will be updated soon) most of the time, minor pp is fine. please ask before making any major assumptions.


i will typically archive a thread after 25 days without a reply, or if one or more of the thread partners goes inactive. please feel free to nudge me if i've left one of our threads without a reply for more than 7 days β€” and feel free to follow my own policy if i've left it for more than 25! thread partners for archived threads are also welcome to ask me to revive almost any thread, provided it wouldn't throw too much of a wrench into my timeline.
thread limit: 10

thread limit: 6

thread limit: 4. sporadic replies.
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