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Played By: three sheep in a trench coat
Marked Away: damn depression got hands
April 24, 2022 — Unknown
Basic Info
Full Name: mutton
Subspecies: a sheep (probably)
Sex: Male
Pronouns: he/they
Age: deceased (19)
Birthplace: ???
At a Glance
i currently play abel redleaf, gwyneth, hermes, lomion, and valentine
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[Image: IMG_0690.jpg]

I will not write incest or rape under any circumstances.
• If you want to heavily powerplay my character, ask first
• If you want to skip my character in a thread, ask first
• I usually close threads if they go 4 weeks without a reply
• I don’t enjoy heavy plotting, so please don’t ask. I’m open to small ideas, but that’s it.
• My characters can be fucked up assholes. their thoughts and actions don’t reflect my own
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