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Full Name: mutton
Subspecies: sheep
Sex: Male
Age: deceased (18)
Birthplace: gay baby jail
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Hey what’s up! I’m Ares, better known as Mutton I’m an aspiring visual development artist living in California. I play lots of splatoon, animal crossing, and pokemon on my free time (hmu for my friend code hehe). I joined this site back in 2014 and I’ve been on and off ever since!

Discord: mutton#0008 (tell me who you are before you message me plz)
I will not write sexually explicit content (fade to black is ok) or anything involving incest.
Skipping Please message me if you’d like to skip my character in a thread!
Closing Threads If a thread goes 1-2 months without a reply and it isn’t crucial to a character’s development, I will tack on an ending and archive it. If you’d like to revive the thread, please message me.
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