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Full Name: Monkey
Subspecies: Felis silvestris catus (Siamese x Unknown)
Sex: Male
Age: 1 (July 2017)
Birthplace: Black Creek, Vancouver Island.
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Profile of Monkey: Details
A large tomcat with a coat composed of assorted earth tones arranged in a tabby pattern. His head is triangular and his cheeks set further apart than average, giving him an expressive appearance. His ears are tall and have a triangular base, and look disproportionate compared to his head size. His legs and body are quite long. His paws are large and indicate he will be getting larger. He's approximately twenty pounds, and shows signs of being quite bendy and athletic rather than heavy-set. His eyes are slightly angled; they look like they're off-yellow with a greenish tinge.
If he'd been born wild they'd have called him Stumpkit, because he's as dumb as one.
Very high energy, somewhat spastic, always getting in to trouble and doesn't have a lick of sense.
He's also extremely lazy—often thinking of his life as a pet with immense nostalgia.
He was born in a trailer park where some humans were trying to make some easy money, and then adopted by a family when he was six months old. He stayed with them for a while, and it was good, but eventually he became too curious of the outside world and so he took off.
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