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Basic Info
Full Name: Sloane "Turquoise" Blackthorn
Subspecies: Northern Rocky Mountains Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 4 (May 17, 2011)
Birthplace: Montana, USA
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Profile of Turquoise: Details
She is very large for a female (34 in. x 6.25 ft. x 125 lbs.), but not at all stocky. In fact, she possesses a very willowy, leanly-muscled build. Her pelt is a rich tawny gold, though her cheeks, throat, chest, belly and inner legs are pure white. A smudge of black colors the bridge of her muzzle and a similarly-colored stripe (the family trademark) begins at the nape of her neck and continues all the way to the tip of her tail. Her ears are rimmed in black and she wears black "stockings" on all four legs. Her eyes are a shimmering turquoise color, hence her given name.
She is the canine version of an Amazonian woman. A tomboy when young, she grew into something of a warrior princess, with a fighter's fiery spirit. She considers herself a classic, sassy "feminist," harboring a blatant distaste for men and a wild passion for other women. She is not very good with emotional intimacy; she becomes bored and restless easily and is very promiscuous but never fully satisfied. Although rather rough around the edges, she still manages to be overly prissy at times, making her a bit of a diva.
Turquoise grew up in a huge, loving family: the Blackthorn Clan. When she came of age, she left and explored for a while, but returned within a year because she missed her family. She only left again when she met and fell in love with a nomad by the name of Rivet DeMonte. They began a tempestuous love affair and and took off to travel together.

Following a particularly nasty fight, Rivet followed Turquoise to the Teekon Wilds, where they made up and settled in a local pack called Neverwinter. They even declared themselves official mates. They did not stay there very long, though. When resources grew scarce, they headed east together, loosely planning to stay with one of their families over the upcoming winter before heading off to travel again in the spring.

Instead, they ended up spending the winter alone, with only each other for company. Amazingly, it went perfectly. They barely argued at all and their relationship deepened into something both tried and true. When spring arrived, however, and they resumed their travels, Turquoise's eyes began to wander too, as did her heart. She ended up having multiple flings with other women and Rivet eventually grew a backbone and dumped her, this time for good.

Turquoise intended to head home to her family after that, yet she decided instead to take advantage of her freedom for a while. She traveled and slept around for several months. She even experimented with a male, a decision that would change her life forever. She fell pregnant. She didn't want kids but couldn't bring herself to abandon the three of them when they were born. All the same, only her little boy survived the first month. With her miniature in tow, she headed back to the Blackthorn Clan, once and for all.
Pack History
Turquoise is one of many offspring born to a pair of wolves she knows only as "Mam" (Eithne) and "Dad" (Cathal). Her littermates include Muirrin, Caoimhe, Conall and Deaglán. She has far too many other brothers and sisters to name.

Rivet DeMonte is her former mate. She has had far too many lovers to name, though only one of them was a male (whose name she doesn't recall), the father of her pups: the late Ríonach, the late Réitlín and Rochadh.
Blackthorn Clan: Puppy (05/17/2011 — 11/17/2011), Juvenile (11/17/2011 — 05/17/2012), Subordinate (05/17/2012 — 06/21/2012)
Lone Wolf (06/21/2012 — 03/27/2013)
Blackthorn Clan: Subordinate (03/27/2013 — 04/01/2013), Kappa (04/01/2013 — 05/01/2013), Delta (05/01/2013 — 06/04/2013)
Lone Wolf (06/04/2013 — 08/15/2013)
Neverwinter: Sigma (08/15/2013 — 09/13/2013), Epsilon (09/13/2013 — 11/04/2013)
Lone Wolf (11/04/2013 — 07/29/2014)
Blackthorn Clan: Subordinate (07/29/2014 — 9/15/2014), Delta (09/15/2014 — 01/31/2015), Gamma (01/31/2015 — present)
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