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Full Name: Uruuk
Subspecies: Grey wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 2 years (2016)
Birthplace: Elsewhere
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A generally unremarkable girl with an agouti coat. Generally fawn/cream in color, her guard hairs consist of silver, black, and shades of brown ranging from champagne to caramel. She seems to have black markings masking her pale golden gaze; her coat darkens between her eyes and down her shoulder blades. Around the middle of her back, it darkens into a saddle of shadow. Her shape is thin, a mesomorph's build, her musculature is wiry beneath her medium-length coat. With proportions of 4.4 feet long, 23 inches tall, and weighing around 80 pounds; she's just under the average size for a female - though it's not worth noting.
As a child she suffered from social anxiety and crippling shyness. Now a grown woman with some experience under her belt, she's outgrown her wallflower tendencies and is confident in her own skin.

Rather like her sister, she's a stoic, "let's not beat around the bush" type. Raised in a family that communicated mainly through posturing and body language, words aren't really her strong suit. She's a physical, practical being and cares little for religion or tradition if it gets in the way of the bigger picture.

At first glance she appears stiff and formal, overly so, but beneath an awkward exterior she can be a carefree girl who seeks to bring others joy.
Born to Broxirg and Adarok, she was raised in a typical, familial unit. From a young age she remained in the background of the pack, particularly bonding with her littermates and mother. In time, she left to hone her botany skills under the tutelage of another pack's herbologist. She returned to the forest her family called home in time to help raise her mother's latest litter, though when her youngest siblings were old enough she left home again to travel and see the world beyond the forest. Shortly after turning two years old, she returned home again to find her littermate, Grezig, departed. Uruuk stayed for a time, making sure her parents and the siblings who remained wouldn't lack for numbers or food before following after her siblings to the Teekon Wilds.
Pack History
Sire: Broxirg
Dam: Adarok
Siblings: Zuruzog , Derg , Grezig , Yizur , Zurek
Familial pack
Lone wolf
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