Profile of Slavik: Quick Facts
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Basic Info
Full Name: Slavik Ausha Kendry
Subspecies: Canis Lupus Nubilus
Sex: Male
Age: 1 Year (June 6th, 2017)
Birthplace: Kendry Plains
At A Glance
a hunky ball of sunshine
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Profile of Slavik: Details
Slavik is much like the rest of his family, a wolf formed out of molten sunlight. Aside from white under his chin and some darker patches, he is completely a fiery golden blonde color, even his eyes are an explosive golden yellow. His fur is medium length, silky smooth and always placed perfectly. He is large in size, and his muscles are well toned and evident beneath his coat.
Slavik is on the inside much like he is on the outside; a ball of sunshine. He's a hardworking, fun loving, extrovert who will always do his best to help and care for those he loves. He is very friendly and laidback, with a good sense of humor. While he’s usually an sweet hearted gentle giant, when he needs to be Slavik can be serious and resolute. He tries to avoid violence, and would only ever resort to it when his own life is in danger or to protect someone he care about. Despite this he’s strong willed and can be arrogant at times, taking out his frustrations through competition, and he doesn’t like losing. He’s very flirtatious and frankly loves the idea of love. He is very trusting and sensitive and unfortunately naive, though to wish ill of the Kendry isn’t often done. He does his best to like and be liked by everyone.
        - Slavik is very musical, he’s often finding and making rhythms with his body.
☀️ born in Kendry Plains to the alphas of the plains pack, given the surname of the land he was born on, as was his pack's way
☀️ had a good first few months, quickly growing alongside two sisters, Simsey and Arway
☀️ at 6 months old Slavik and his sisters joined their pack in the first pack hunt, where Arway was wounded very badly. Her front leg broken from a buck's hoof, she walked with a limp from then on and Slavik and Simsey found themselves looking after her most of the time
☀️ at 9 months Slavik had his first crush on a girl in his pack, named Vea. His first kiss (which he made a big deal about but which was definitely just a quick lick on the cheek by Vea) came a month later
☀️ at 11 months old, Slavik's parents went through the ceremony welcoming him and his sisters into adulthood, and they were given the choice to stay or leave the plains pack. Arway stayed, she likely wouldn't survive with her crippled leg, but wanted to leave. After much convincing Slavik agreed to go with her
year two
☀️ Simsey and Slavik started their journey travelling together, but at some point she abandoned him to travel alone. Slavik was angry at first but he was also sure they'd meet again
☀️ Slavik made his way to Teekon Wilds, where there appears to be a surplus of wolves and many options for his future
☀️ Slavik meets Speedy and the two become instant friends, they decide to explore Teekon Wilds together
Pack History
Rontwul Kendry - father
Delline Kendry - mother
Arway Kendry - sister
Simsey Kendry - sister
KENDRY PLAINS - puphood to one year (6/6/17 - 6/6/18)
LONE WOLF - one year to present (6/6/18 - present day)
Profile of Slavik: Additional Information
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