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Full Name: Saena Redleaf
Subspecies: Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: Deceased (04/04/2014--23/09/2017)
Birthplace: Blacktail Deer Plateau
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In all ways, Saena was petite. She possessed a creamy white skewbald coat with copper markings around her eyes and the backs of her ears. There was a tuft of reddish hair where her tail used to be. Her almond-shaped eyes were a pale shade of empyrean blue, and they hid almost nothing. While small, Saena was an adept fighter who carried herself with staggering confidence from years of leading.

Saena perished on September 23, 2017 after contracting rabies and following her vision of a fox off a cliff.
Her offspring, Laurel and Indra.

Her biological parents, Pied and Kisu.
Her adoptive parents, Peregrine and Hawkeye.
Her siblings, Pura, Junior and Tytonidae.
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