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Basic Info
Full Name: Aline "Ali" Blakely
Subspecies: Eastern/Grey wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 1 (26/8/17)
Birthplace: Outside of Teekon
At A Glance
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Profile of Ali: Details
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Build: she's on the taller side- long limbed and lithely built leaving her relying on agility and speed to get her by. she almost always looks skinny even when fully fed and has sharp, defined features.

Fur: the fur that coats her is smooth and always seems to hold a gleam to it. her underbelly is a soft creamy colour that stretches to her chin- it gradually grows more honey coloured as it reaches her sides and masks her face across her muzzle and around her eyes. it turns a darker golden as it reaches her back and covers her ears and crown- containing some caramel brown flecks.

Eyes: her eyes are a bright teal-like colour, nearly always alight with some sort of mischief.

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Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

reckless - ambitious - strong willed - flirty - independent - impulsive

ali can curse a lot, at first it was just to annoy her parents further but the habit most certainly seemed to stick. mature warning below.
She was born to a very noble family, her parents going as far as to call themselves king and queen and crown her their princess. she of course hated this like nothing else and demented her insanely strict parents by being everything they didn't want her to be.

She despises her name 'Aline' hence shortening it to 'Ali' and would go mad at anyone if they tried to call her by her real name. Eventually growing tired of her parents trying to change her to suit them better and be their composed little royal daughter she took off one night without even a word of goodbye to her old life.
Pack History
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26/8/18 - 4/11/18

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4/11/18 - 6/1/19

[Image: lone-wolf.png]
left teekon
6/1/19 - 25/3/19
25/3/19 - present

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Profile of Ali: Additional Information
Ali is rated mature mainly for frequent strong language but her impulsive behaviour can also sometimes cause violent or sexual themes to pop up in posts. If you're uncomfortable with this please let me know!
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