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Full Name: Chelsie
Subspecies: NA
Sex: Female
Age: 26 (NA)
Birthplace: Canada
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This account isn't in use and messaging is disabled. I use it strictly for tracking.
Pack History
WWS: Tantamount, Bragi, Tobias, Arietta, Roanoke, Thetis, Jinx
Previous: Jinx, Saena, Kevlyn, Farstep, Nightjar, Wylla, Burr, Fiadh, Ramsay
Current: Ephraim, Lucas
Only long term or pack-born characters are listed.
Packs Created
Ouroboros Spine (previously Silvertip Mountain I), Phoenix Maplewood (previously Redtail Rise and became Silver Creek), Duskvale, Grimnismal
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Registered on August 27, 2018, last visited (Hidden)