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Played By: Not specified
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Full Name: Chelsie
Subspecies: --
Sex: Female
Pronouns: She/her
Age: 30 (March 22, 1992)
Birthplace: Canada
At a Glance
Discord: chelsie#4140

Posting Schedule: Sporadic AF. Please reach out if I'm holding you up!

Thread limits: The thread counts in my characters' signatures are soft caps that do not include cameos, pack activities or threads where my character is no longer present. I don't mind exceeding them!

Please note: I am hypophantasic, meaning I cannot clearly visualize what I read. If I badly misrepresent or fail to acknowledge something your character did in your post, please reach out to me! It could be unreliable narration, but it's more likely that I didn't visualize it correctly!
Profile of Chelsie: Details

Archival: I archive threads after at least 21 days with no reply from my partner(s).

Plotting: I am open to light OOC plotting, but favour spontaneous plot twists.

Skipping: Please do not skip my turn without asking unless I have indicated otherwise.

IC Conflict: I cannot visualize physical fights and like to keep it simple, so I prefer a single dice roll to determine the victor.

NPCs: To preserve my continuity, I only make reference to puppy NPCs with a close familial relation to my character. I do not make reference to adult NPCs.

Behind The Scenes: It is safe to assume your character knows my character's name and general appearance if they are packmates. Otherwise, I'm only comfortable acknowledging events that occur in threads.

Powerplay: I welcome minor powerplay to smooth out interactions. You may also inflict minor physical injuries without my permission, as long as you are willing to play the same. No inflicting massive, disfiguring, or lethal injuries, please!
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