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Lone Wolves

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Full Name: Mati Aerenys Melonii
Subspecies: Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 3 (summer 2017)
Birthplace: Darkwater Crossing
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Quote:A sinfully sinuous femme of midnight, hips swaying with raw femininity and prowling with the fluid grace of a powerful lioness. The huntress stands at middling height, lean and swift -- both the archer and the deadly curve of his bow.

Mismatched eyes of sapphire and amethyst are set in a feline face carved of unforgiving onyx, typically emboldened by a horizontal smear of wine berry stain. A matching, faded pawprint is visible upon her left shoulder -- her only markings, save for several battle scars.

Like many of the Priestesses adorning the far-reaching branches of her ancestors' particular sect, Mati posseses a close affinity with reptilians -- serpents in particular. She will often have several recognizable familiars accompanying her in the warmer months though relocations and other circumstances influence this.

priestess, empress, temptress
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Alignment: Lawful Evil | Zodiac: Gemini | Tarot: Death | Face/Voice: Angela Bassett as Marie Laveau | Sect: Priests | Former Affiliations: Darkwater Crossing, The Dark Brotherhood, The Melonii, Bittermoure Bayou | Sexuality: Demisexual

Quote:Superstitious and secretive. Devout, spiritual -- venerates and adores the Night Mother and Mephala over all other Daedra and Aedra. A former Dark Sister of the Brotherhood.

Selectively mute, addled, necrotic. Captivatingly morbid and endearingly strange; fiercely proud and unforgivingly ruthless. Obsessive and possessive when it concerns matters of the heart.

Gifted with the same 'cunning' her granddam whispered of in hazy childhood memories. Suffers from Synesthesia (specifically Chromesthesia and Mirror-touch Synesthesia.)

鈥 Chromesthesia: loud/sudden noises or certain sounds cause visible and often colorful hallucinations.
鈥 Mirror-touch Synesthesia: upon developing a significantly deep emotional bond, Mati is capable of experiencing what her 'imprint' does.


"They say all wolves can hunt, but only the keenest of sight and keenest of smell can call themselves experts. These wolves have a quick mind and quicker reflexes and are capable of tracking and hunting a wide variety of prey, from tiny voles to towering moose. Hunters can sense even the tiniest of movements and it's said that their focus in unbreakable. By padding the pack's caches and feeding its members, Hunters are the pack's jaws and lifeblood."
Hunter (1/5)
Tracker (0/10)
Master Tracker (0/20)

"The wolves that believe in the great beyond in the world; that there are all-creators, gods, and higher entities that shape this earth. These wolves believe or practice their own religions, and are often the thread that unites spiritual communities. They serve as religious counsel to their faithful, and often are seen spreading their doctrine among the wilds."
Spiritualist (3/5)
Chaplain (0/10)
Master Chaplain (0/20)
Seer (0/10)
Master Seer (0/20)


"Wolves who possess a great deal of empathy, a drive to help others and an affinity for nurturing tend to make excellent Caregivers. Caregivers are wolves who, in one way or another, take care of their pack mates. Whether it be by tending wounds and aiding the ill, looking after the pack's youngest and oldest members, lending a shoulder for a wounded companion to lean on or aiding pregnant females in the pack, Caregivers are the heart of the pack."
Caregiver (0/5)
Medic (0/10)

"Naturalists are so in tune with the natural world that at times, the plants, stones and weather are more interesting to them than other wolves. Rumours abound that these wolves can hear rocks, speak with rivers, conjure spirits and read the skies like body language. While these rumours are exaggeration, every Naturalist has unparalleled knowledge of the natural world, knowledge that at times verges on the supernatural, and are perpetually curious about natural phenomena. Naturalists are the minds of the pack."
Naturalist (0/5)
Astrologist (0/10)
Botanist (0/10)

maiden, mother, crone


Quote:鈥 Born the only illegitimate child of a slightly incestuous union between two distant Melonii cousins. Her father perished in a hunting accident before the birth that killed her dam. As a result, the bastard girl was nursed by a busy aunt with her own brood to tend -- her care pushed into the responsible hands of a lonely granddam.

鈥 Her granddam perished shortly before her first year of life and the girl dispersed from the Crossing, wandering into Teekon (and a few relatives) as a yearling. She pledged to a clan of her blood, The Melonii, briefly but failed to find her niche.

鈥 Left the Wilds after a few months. Rather than return home, the Priestess ended up aligning with a coven east of the Hag's Fen. Here, she devoted two years to the scrupulous study of herbalism, medicine, astrology, naturalism, and magic.

鈥 Now in the prime of her life, the witch has ventured south again -- curious about the lands she visited in her youth and looking for something new.

- Encounters Eldritch at Blackfeather Woods and the two agree to travel together, Mati promising to teach the other witch about the Daedra and the pair hopeful of creating their own coven.

murder, sex, secrets

Pack History
her night-sister, Eldritch "Hekate" Nightwish


- only in-game relations listed. (distantly related to a slew of Meloniis in and out of Teekon).
- Mati's only current familiar is a Night Snake, dubbed Aphelion.
Fledgling, Priestess
- Dark Brotherhood: Dark Sister




Botemagon, Dohaeragon, G奴r膿nagon, G墨m墨magon



Profile of Aerenys: Additional Information
鈥 Speaks Daedric (Valerian). Info on Melonii family found here.

鈥 All plotting for this toon will be done IC. I'm open to threading with anyone, but would prefer for all developments to occur naturally. As a result, I try to embrace consequences IC. Please PM this account for any questions regarding threads, posts, policies, etc. :)

鈥 Please note: this toon is an old adoptable of mine from when The Melonii were recruiting in Teekon before becoming official. I've brought her back just for shits and giggles. Mati is only very distantly related to Meldresi's descendants and originates from the same pack that Meldresi's great-grandparents originally settled in, Darkwater Crossing (where another very distant relative still rules as Listener today).

鈥 Primary trades listed are Mati's 'official' trades, secondary trades are based on Mati's philosophy and are not accredited.
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