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Full Name: Mati Aerenys Melonii
Subspecies: Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 1 year (2017)
Birthplace: Outside Teekon
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A slim, feminine girl with a highly tucked waist, gamine build, and willowish limbs.

Shrouded in a cloak of night, raven undertones can be seen glinting blue beneath moonlight. Mati is a nocturnal creature, rarely seen in daylight, often she appears to disappear into the night itself. It is for this reason that some of the finer details of her appearance may go unnoticed: she is often dirty - her wild mane tangled, stains color her toes and muzzle from berries and dyes, and on special occasions she will streak her face with fearsome war paint or blood.

Devoid of any markings, save for a berry juice pawprint on her shoulder, a symbol that she's a Dark Sister of the Brotherhood her family is so infamous for.

Her most captivating feature is likely her eyes. Due to heterochromia, one is a deep violet and the other is a rich, midnight blue.

She is accompanied, almost always, by a female raven named Iere. This bird is most often seen balanced between Mati's shoulder blades.
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"the night's daughter"

Alignment: ??? (Unclear, whatever seems to serve her needs best at any given time.)
Voice: click (a raspy, husky tone, accented by an unfamiliar lilt that one can't seem to place.)
Theme: click

An introspective girl who prefers watching and listening before acting. A mysterious young woman who seems to keep her feelings and secrets alike tucked neatly away from sight. In most settings she appears formal, stiff, stoic. While she may act the detached part of a soldier, pupil, or healer, she's got a hidden heart and her most personal desire is to see her family thrive.

A practitioner of Draconic witchcraft, she is a quiet devotee of her religion and utterly fascinated with anything that pertains to nature. She speaks Draconic as well, though usually only when practicing, alone, or angry.

She is a devout follower of the Brotherhood's religion and venerates The Night Mother above all, aspiring to resemble the goddess as much as she worships her. The 'gift' seems to run in her family as Mati will willingly explain that she received her magic from her grandmother - who was a Priestess and an acclaimed Seer in her youth. From her grandmother, Mati claims to have inherited the gift for visions, though she often keeps these dreams to herself unless they are particularly urgent. She believes to involve herself in the inner working's of other lives is likely to unravel Mephala's web and anger her. Mati knows the value of magical artifacts and is exceptionally wary of sacred objects. She is somewhat wary of Sithis; she avoids burial grounds and is loathe to enter the realm of the dead.

Mati's "gifts" did not develop until after an incident where she fell down a cliff as a child. In the fall, she hit her head and upon awakening her perception seemed heightened. She suffers from a type of Synesthesia from this event called Chromesthesia in which certain sounds are associated with color. Loud noises or sudden noises are likely to invoke colorful hallucinations. In addition, afterwards she suffered from Mirror-touch Synesthesia in which one can experience what another person experiences. She developed a special bond to her grandmother which allowed her to accompany her grandmother in visions and enable her to be trained by the Seer. Since her grandmother's death, this syndrome has not presented itself but in the case that Mati becomes emotionally attached to another - it could arise again.

Her connection to the raven Iere has little to do with her religion or her interest in the species itself - despite the popularity of ravens amongst those who practice. Her relationship to the bird is similar to those found in nature - ravens and wolves have been known to form symbiotic relationships - and is more for experimentation on writing about this relationship than anything.

Mati is personally fascinated by spiders and particularly, snakes. It's not uncommon to see her affectionately playing with these animals or even accompanied by them.
info on Iere: Mati seemed to develop a symbiotic relationship with this raven when they were both in their youth, later the bird began to follow her as a means of getting food.

Born to a slightly incestuous union between two distant Melonii cousins, she was raised by her grandmother primarily after their untimely deaths. Growing up in a group of similar Melonii cast offs - an extended family of aunt, uncles, cousins, and the like - she was content to remain in their secluded glen until the death of her grandmother and a series of unfolding events afterwards that she refuses to speak of.

Having heard of the legacy Meldresi started in the Wilds, she ventured south to get to know the other half of her family and find glory within their dynasty.
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