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Full Name: Erastus
Subspecies: Eastern x Red wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 1 year (July 2017)
Birthplace: Outside of Teekon Wilds
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Small, lean and whip-like, with an agile form that makes one think coyote more than wolf. Erastus’ short, coarse fur is primarily tawny in colour, though greys and blacks are present throughout, accented by vivid coppers and reds. Bone white envelopes his underside. Fine features and a pair of champagne-coloured eyes are set into a dark, angular face topped with large, pointed ears.
Born into a small, cult-like tribe to a proletarian pair, Erastus quickly became a serf to the higher ranking members. The pack worshipped the sun, who they believed was a deity named Raas. The faction itself was a branch from the Shrine of Okysus, where the fundamentalists of the religion of Raas came from. However, a woman dubbed Hosannah the Heretic had splintered the faith, and one of these resulting factions became a wandering tribe of exorcists who believed they were charged with the holy duty of purging evil from the world.

While exorcisms were reserved only for the most experienced of priests, the younger generations were allowed to observe and learn. Erastus, although only a lowly thrall, studied dutifully under his master and was entirely devout to the faith. This faith was then put to the test when disease suddenly spread throughout the cult and dramatically culled their numbers. The source of the scourge remains unknown, however Erastus escaped, believing himself favoured by his God who saw fit to spare him.

He now seeks to continue the traditions of his pack and serve under the guiding light of Raas.
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