Profile of Dianne: Quick Facts

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Basic Info
Full Name: Dianne Elinor
Subspecies: Mackenzie Valley wolf x Beauceron
Sex: Female
Age: 1.5 years (05/07/17)
Birthplace: Outside Teekons
At A Glance
A silver figure in the distance
broken up by black and gold
stalking on dark stilts
with a dark head.
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Profile of Dianne: Details
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Dianne is a petite harlequin woman with dark extremities and gold flecks scattered throughout her fur. She has a long, wispy tail and large ears. A gnarly scar tears across the front of her throat. Despite her small size, her legs are elegantly long and hold up her lean frame. Her eyes are a piercing icy blue, accentuating her intense gaze. Both of her hind legs have double dewclaws, inherited from her mother. She stands 28.5 inches tall at the shoulder and weighs 90 lbs — slightly underweight. She won't grow much larger than this.

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STRENGTH: ✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦
SPEED: ✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦
AGILITY: ✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦
FIGHTING: ✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦

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Neutral Evil

Manipulative . Judgmental . Vindictive . Egotistical . Logical . Reserved


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Dianne is known for fronting a serious, flat demeanor. She shows few emotions, and what she does show is severely limited. This can give others the impression that she is incapable of feeling strong emotions. In reality, it’s all an act. Dianne started putting on this front when she was young due to her distrust of others from the hardships she faced. She also uses it to make up for her lack of physical bulk to warrant fear and respect.

Her true personality does occasionally shine through. When irritated, Dianne becomes incredibly sarcastic and witty. She has a good sense of humor but is normally too closed off to show it. While normally patient and collected, she does lose her temper at times. When she does, she can become suddenly cruel or violent as if a switch were flipped. Then, as if flipped back off again, she’s back to her flat, emotionless self.

She is only concerned for her own well-being. Everything she does is for herself, even if it may not seem like a selfish act. Dianne is not above twisting the truth or manipulating others if she believes it will benefit her. It's commonplace for her answers to be curt and her thoughts to be blunt, especially with those she deems not worth her time. She knows it's rude, but she doesn't care.

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Dianne suffers from generalized anxiety and minor depression but doesn’t realize it. She is prone to becoming stressed over minor occurrences, especially when things don’t go as planned or desired. She is a perfectionist to a flaw and can be extremely hard on herself for the smallest mistakes. While she does not struggle with energy and motivation, Dianne is incredibly pessimistic and struggles to find enjoyment in anything. Certain situations, phrases, or people may trigger her PTSD, warranting a fearful response, be it fight or flight. The trauma of her past plagues her with nightmares, and her sleep schedule is erratic at best.

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Dianne was born alongside her sister to a domestic dog, Nuru. Nuru was a livestock guardian dog before her owner died. Being an isolated human, no one came to the estate for weeks, and she had to leave in order to survive.

Dianne's father was absent in her life, having forcibly mated with Nuru while she was in heat before disappearing, never to be seen again. Her sister died at a young age from starvation because her mother was not an adept hunter at the time. But her mother tried her best to support her, and their relationship was airtight. The two were inseparable. Dianne's first winter was a brutal one, and it wasn't just her family that struggled in its cold grasp. A starved wolf attacked them, tearing her throat and nearly ending her life. Her mother died protecting her, leaving Dianne completely alone to fend for herself.

Her mother had created a hatred of wolves in Dianne. Naturally, she had a distaste for them, being raised to guard against them for humans. Her assault only twisted that distaste into pure hatred. After the attack, Dianne had no doubt in her mind that wolves were disgusting, brutish beasts who only know how to steal and destroy.

She came across a pack and joined it just to last through the winter, existing as a distant, solemn entity. But Dianne was young, small, vulnerable - and alone. A male tried to assault her, but she managed to fight him off. Winter hadn't quite ended yet, but she left. Eventually, her aimless wandering led her into the Teekon Wilds.

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