Profile of Puffin: Quick Facts
Played By: Kate
Basic Info
Full Name: Oceana Swiftstream-Drakru, "Puffin"
Subspecies: Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 1.5 (Summer, 2019)
Birthplace: not here
At a Glance

small quote of some kind?

swatches somewhere here too

Mental Health: 100%
Physical Health: 100%
counselor, naturalist
Profile of Puffin: Details
[Image: unknown.png]
striking. playful. featherlight.

Black hood, back, and legs. Silver belly. Her elbows and knees are an eye-catching bright yellowish orange. The same color marks her chest. Pumpkin orange eyes. On the smaller side of average. Nimble. Long legs and a short body; she takes after her mother. Slightly large, wide-set ears.
Ambitious. REALLY likes rocks.
-A scout at heart. Restless staying in one place for too long.
-Deep emotional ties to her family and those she considers herself loyal to, a trait she inherited from her father, Tux.
-All bark and no bite. Loud. Brash.

Chaotic Good.

Very particular about her face and paws. Doesn't mind dirt but still thinks bugs are icky. Her moods are generally positive, but she's easy to deflate.

Funny, but not particularly intelligent or talented. Socially stunted; doesn't realize that her overexuberance can be perceived as any other way than she intends. Horrible at reading intentions. Just starting to realize that she's a lady instead of a girl, and doesn't quite know how to act like it. Thinks a lot of people are attractive, but is not quick to develop more than surface-level feelings and, as of now, is unwilling to consider a relationship at this stage in life.
Profile of Puffin: Additional Information
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