Profile of Arana: Quick Facts
Lone Wolves

Basic Info
Full Name: Arana Aspen
Subspecies: Artic mixed Timber
Sex: Female
Age: A little over a year (9/9/2017)
Birthplace: In a Little Garden, Near some Aspens.
At A Glance
Carries herself as bamboozling as a child, but has her calmer times. Fleeting, but there. Zooms all over the place in a pelt of gold, and a pair of eyes like fresh spring.
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Profile of Arana: Details
Svelte lady. More of a runner than a fighter.
Nothing but a sweetheart. Considers herself a nurturer, and in many ways is just like her father, Ashton. Looks out for others, whether they hurt her or not.
After her father returned back home to the pack, he was welcomed back with open arms. He lived himself out well at his mid-age time, but 'experimenting' with so many kinds of 'natural remedies' ended up taking a toll on the young and hip healer; he passed. Mourning his loss, the family allowed Arana out to find herself in the wilds.

In her travels, she crossed Siqsa, and couldn't leave his troubled side, no matter how much hate he threw her way.
Pack History
Ashton Aspen - Father

Siqsa - Adopted Brother
The Aspen Pack
Profile of Arana: Additional Information
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ѕoмeтιмeѕ, everyвody Needs нelp. тнαт doeѕɴ'т мeαɴ тнey'll тell yoυ, ѕιlly.

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