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Full Name: Thumbtack
Subspecies: Scissortail Flycatcher
Sex: Male
Age: (22/04/2017)
Birthplace: Wilds near Dallas
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A sarcastic, snarky little white and black bird that would give a lot of vulgar words to anyone.
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White plumage with an orange toned underside as well as black wings that seem to be lined with white. Small in size, with little beady eyes.
A snarky little bird, with a very sarcastic attitude. Shows much intelligence from spending time in human territories, and listening. Usually uses it to one-up others and beat them in word games. Has a fearful side however, and values protection. Comes from a flock that tended to use other animals for protection by offering themselves to help such as clean off parasites, help look for food and other such small things.
Thumbtack, a name given by a human even though it was much rather the human taking an object from the bird and saying what the object was aloud. The bird spent a lot of time with other species, as some of his flock did. Mostly for food and safety. He spent time looking for an animal to, as his flock would say 'share a bond' with. For his protection, and as they put it a spiritual sort of bond with said animal. What this animal was, he never knew. Tack left the flock eventually, to find this animal to share this bond with. This led him to Teekon.
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