Profile of Kisses: Quick Facts
Wild Fauna

Basic Info
Full Name: Kisses Daffodilfoot
Subspecies: Weasel
Sex: Male
Age: 3 Months (July 20th, 2018)
Birthplace: Daffodil Hill
At A Glance
a lil fluff
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Profile of Kisses: Details
~ the goodest purest of weasels ~

also looks like a small long rodent with chubby cheeks, a white underbelly and flaming fur, but mostly just looks like a good boy
pure, good; never been angry in his life. Also a weasel and does weasel stuff
grew up in a small weasel community called Daffodil Hill, had so many brothers and sisters. Lived his best life and continues to do so exploring out on his own
Profile of Kisses: Additional Information
*Kisses is a HCM character, any injuries you want to inflict, or to even kill him will be done in a dice roll. 1-4 = no injury, 5-9 = you get to hurt him, 10 = murder! He’s just for fun and not meant to stick around long so I don’t mind, just make sure he goes out with a BANG!
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